C4 unveils new Comedy Blaps ensemble, ACMS Presents: A Board Meeting


GET READY! For the first time ever, Channel 4 has released a full on Comedy Blaps attack – debuting all four parts of new series, The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society Presents: A Board Meeting simultaneously.

The series, which features an ensemble cast including award-winning comedians Bridget Christie and Josie Long as well as Peep Show’s Isy Suttie has been described as ‘a sort of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in an oak-panelled room.’

It’s a fast-paced, lunatic comedy from writer John-Luke Roberts who co-created the cult live show The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society that regularly plays to sell-out crowds in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The familiar structure of a dull board-meeting, from ‘apologies’ to ‘any-other-business’, is used to sneak the unfamiliar, nonsensical and downright bizarre onto people’s screens in a mixture of live action and animation. All four episodes reveal a different meeting, derailed by flashbacks and cutaways; Cistercian monks; Norse Goddesses; Jeff Goldblum lookalikes and instructional videos about knots.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society Presents: A Board Meeting cast list:

William Andrews, Tom Bell, Bridget Christie, Alexis Dubus, Tom Golding, Nadia Kamil, Josie Long, John-Luke Roberts, Isy Suttie, Ben Target and Thom Tuck.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society Presents: A Board Meeting is written by John-Luke Roberts, produced by Adrian Sturges and directed by BAFTA nominated director Chris Shepherd. It is an Iota Films production and was commissioned for Channel 4 by Nerys Evans, deputy head of comedy.

Below you can find YouTube links for the entire series of The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society: A Board Meeting.

Ep 1: The ground floor is on fire

The board considers whether to continue with Bring Your God to Work Day and is interrupted by an urgent new agenda item.

Ep2: The bloody first floor is on fire now guys!

Speculative Erotic Fiction and Jonathan's Love Life dominate the board meeting, but the fire is still on the agenda

Ep 3: Well, I’ll be, the fire’s on the second floor (third, if you are American)

The group attempt a role play to brainstorm ideas of how to deal with the fire.

Ep 4: Well, great, the bloody third floor is on fire now

With time running out the group are distracted by the arrival of Barry from the Croydon office. Can they find a solution in time?

To watch the above click here


Following roaring success over the past two years, clocking over 2.6 million views, Channel 4’s Comedy Blaps air original web shows from up and coming comedy talent.

Previously Channel 4 Comedy Blaps showcased the work of comedians Claudia O’Doherty, Jamie Demetriou and most recently that of Pat Cahill and Daniel Simonsen – their acclaimed mini-series can be viewed on


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