C4 follow up Xmas Gogglebox Kids special with series order


Channel 4 have commissioned Studio Lambert to make a six-part series of Gogglesprogs for 2016.

The commission comes ahead of the special Christmas edition that transmits on Christmas Day at 8pm which will see a whole new cast of children take centre stage in a special edition of the hugely popular Channel 4 series Gogglebox. The series of Gogglesprogs will continue to follow children as they give their uninhibited opinions and ultimately hilarious take on a range of TV programmes.

Executive Producer, Freya Sampson, said: “There is something special about watching these children give their very different opinions in an utterly honest and ultimately hilarious way. The special is funny, heart-warming, and has the charm of the original Gogglebox series but the way the children interact gives it a different perspective which finds you both laughing and crying. The relationships between them all really pulls at your heart strings in parts and it’s guaranteed to make you happy you're on the sofa with your loved ones this Christmas. We’re delighted that Channel 4 has loved them all as much as we have and we can continue to bring their inimitable take on the world of TV to viewers in the series for 2016.”

The series of six one-hour programmes is commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Specialist, David Glover, who said: ‘It’s really good, with interesting new levels of misunderstandings and insights from the children’s minds. The footage we are getting is both very funny and also at times really moving’

Extra information for Editors re: The Christmas special.

Gogglesprogs, features the following: best friends Christina, 8, and Stephanie, 9, from Essex, one loving X Factor, and the other preferring classical music; North Yorkshire boys Jacob and Connor, both 10, who are self-confessed news and current affairs junkies, and are both members of their school's Current Affairs Club who completely differ from best friends, (who call each other cousins), Taya, 10, and Valencia, 12, from Hertfordshire, with Valencia admitting she knows much more about soaps than the news.

Kent lads Will, Max, Spencer, Harry and Daniel call themselves The Goonies, after their favourite film, which is well-suited to their varying personalities. Some of the cheeky chappies have girlfriends, while others describe themselves as 'single pringles ready to mingle' - welcome to the dating world of 11 and 12 year olds! Sisters and best friends Emma, 10, and Brooke, 7, from Scotland, film from their caravan in Blackpool, sharing a love of One Direction and Spongebob Squarepants.

Over in East London are best friends Shuaib, 8, and Janai, 7, a very bright boy who loves MasterChef, and a Disney princess and Junior Bake Off fan! Liverpool lads Harry, 10, Kalim, 10, and Anthony, 9, love football, but there's some friendly rivalry between them, with two Everton fans, and one Liverpool supporter. Brothers James, 5, and Sam, 10, are joined by Sam's best friend Toby, 10, who used to live in Windsor castle. Lego and video games are what keeps the boys busy! While Welsh brother and sister William, 8, and Molly, 5, are happiest helping out on the farm and Northern lasses, Mia, 9, and Charlotte, 10, love putting the world to rights sharing their love of performing, these best friends of six years both have chorus parts in their local Christmas pantomime.

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