C4 data targeting trial results show uplift in campaign effectiveness

Channel 4 today unveiled results from a trial of its first commercial data targeting initiative at its Upfront 2014 event. Partnering with comScore and MTM London, the research revealed 4oD demographic targeting delivered overwhelming uplifts in campaign effectiveness across a trial group of seven blue chip advertisers – B&Q, Unilever, Microsoft, Bulmers, Nokia, McDonalds and O2.

The research also showed particularly high uplifts in efficiency and Click Through Rate demonstrating that demographic targeting works harder for brands.

The seven partner advertisers had joined a pool of data pioneers earlier this year to trial targeting their Video On Demand advertising at the same demographic audiences they buy on TV (e.g. 16-34s, ABC1s).

4oD demographic targeting works harder for advertisers

On average across all advertisers in the pioneer group, the results revealed that hitting the right target audience increased advertising effectiveness. Top of mind brand awareness was found to significantly increase over the campaign period (+11%), with demographic targeting delivering on average double the uplift compared to a standard 4oD campaign.

Advertising was also found to cut through more effectively when it is demographically targeted with results showing marked uplifts over the campaign period for spontaneous ad awareness (+39%) and ad recognition (+67%).

Findings also suggested that demographic targeting helps to increase positivity towards a brand resulting in a number of significant uplifts in brand image when compared to a standard 4oD campaign.

4oD demographic targeting increased ad interaction

Results showed that on average, hitting the right target audience more than doubled the Click Through Rate (+109%) when compared to a standard 4oD campaign. The Click Through Rate even tripled for Nokia when they refined their audience targeting.

4oD demographic targeting is highly efficient

On average across all advertisers, 4oD was more efficient (+112%) than competitor sites at delivering the right demographic audience.

Demographic targeting on 4oD was also found to be a highly efficient way to target hard to reach audiences, offering a substantial uplift (+92%) compared to natural internet campaign delivery.

Gill Whitehead, Director of Audience Technology & Insight at Channel 4 said: “Harnessing the growth of our currently 9m strong registered viewer database, we’re continually improving the effectiveness of advertising on 4oD for our agency and client partners. Following these impressive results from our first commercial data initiative, our next steps are to look at interest-based and behavioural targeting which will enable advertisers to target categories such as food, health and technology.”

Jonathan Lewis, Head of Digital & Partnership Innovation at Channel 4 said at the Upfront 2014 event: “The remarkable data trial results demonstrate clearly the uplifts our 4oD demographic targeted ad packages can deliver to our advertising partner’s campaigns. Over the next few years, demographic targeting on 4oD will replace standard campaigns to deliver even greater returns to advertisers. Channel 4’s viewer relationship strategy has ultimately transformed the way digital advertising is traded across the industry.”

Notes to editors:

· comScore efficiency research using vCE methodology – reporting reveals proportion of campaign impressions delivered to the intended target audience and how the profile compares to natural internet delivery.

· MTM London effectiveness research – ‘exposed’ (4oD users) and ‘Unexposed’ (non 4oD users) samples were used to examine impact of 4oD on campaign effectiveness. Cookie tracking was used to identity if post stage respondents had been exposed to genre-based or demographically targeted 4oD advertising. Control sample was made up of non 4oD users, matched on factors such as weight of viewing.

· A standard 4oD campaign – ad package is either genre based (e.g. lifestyle content) or ‘run of site’.

· Campaign impressions on 4oD were split 50/50 – half delivered as a standard 4oD package buy (e.g. by genre, run of site) and half delivered to a specific demographic group.

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