C4 commissions How to be Mortgage Free: Design your way out of Debt

In How to be Mortgage Free: Design your way out of Debt (working title), Channel 4 property expert Sarah Beeny, along with architect Damion Burrows and designer Max McMurdo, meet individuals from across the country who are self-building unconventional homes for themselves and their families with one aim in mind – to be mortgage free.

Funded by savings or profit from a previous house sale and using in-genius design and affordable building techniques these homes will be anything but your conventional two up - two down.

From first time buyers and families building their own homes to couples downsizing or relocating to save a fortune and become mortgage free, Sarah and her team will use their combined expertise to help these pioneering home makers get the most out of their builds.

Along the way they will also meet inspiring people who have already live mortgage free in their dream home and get an insight into how they achieved their goal.

How to be Mortgage Free: Design your way out of Debt (wt) was commissioned by Channel 4 Features editor Helen Cooke and will be produced by Plum Pictures with executive producer Will Daws and series producer Jamie Wightman.

Helen Cooke said: “Being able to live mortgage free is seen as out of reach by most. Now Sarah Beeny, with help of designer Max McMurdo and architect Damion Burrows, are going to meet and help six inspirational people who all plan to prove it’s possible to be mortgage free and live in beautiful, innovative homes. From the downsizers, to the first time buyers. From staying in the city, to moving out of the city , there’s options for everyone.”

Will Dawes added: “In this exciting new series property expert Sarah Beeny turns the conventional notion of home ownership on its head and proves that you don’t need to saddle yourself with a lifetime of debt to live in the house of your dreams.”

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