Ben Earl: Deception

Sleight-of-hand genius, trickster, manipulator, illusionist, hustler - master of deception. This is Ben Earl. In a brand new Channel 4 series, Ben Earl: Deception, allows him to do the unthinkable through a series of seemingly unbelievable and impossible challenges. The series is commissioned by Entertainment Commissioning Editor, Madeleine Knight and the 4 x 60min is made by Magnum Media.

In each show Ben invites a select group of guests whom he amazes with a series of tricks leading up to one mind-blowing death defying stunt. Ben focuses on a different theme each week such as money or art and transforms an empty space into a wonderland of deception designed to explore the week's theme.

With a belief that there is no limit to what his mind and body can accomplish, Ben has dedicated his life to mastering the unimaginable and to making his audience believe the impossible.
Ben Earl says: "The opportunity to work with Channel 4 is incredibly exciting. They are mischievous, controversial and not afraid to push boundaries. My kind of people."

Entertainment Commissioning Editor, Madeleine Knight said: "Ben is a very special talent. You trust him and are wowed by him. He's a very exciting discovery for Channel 4."

Executive Producer Andy Auerbach said: "Ben is a real one-off - a magician who can perform death-defying stunts as well as pull of mind-blowing sleight of hand tricks. It is really exciting to be working with someone as skilled, versatile and committed to the art as Ben."

The series will screen in 2013 and the Executive Producers are Andy Auerbach & Dean Nabarro. Director is Simon Dinsell.

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