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Across the UK, home-owners continue to struggle in the midst of a fluctuating property market – but some have decided to take matters into their own hands. Following those who work around the clock on home renovation projects, the new Daytime series for Channel 4, Beat My Build, will offer an insight into this tough, unforgiving and extremely competitive business.

Each show in the 20x60 series will pit two renovators against each other as they battle to beat their competitor’s build – and make the most profit from the work they do. Challenged against a building project in the same price bracket, the stakes are high with a £5000 prize on offer to the winner.

Presenters Amanda Lamb and Laura Hamilton will offer their expert opinions on each of their respective projects before and after the renovations. But will the contestants factor this advice into their schedule and budget?

These are big projects with walls coming down, extensions going up and houses being converted into flats. The series follows the highs and lows as the self-builders struggle with burst pipes, unreliable suppliers, serious structural problems and planning issues.

Having seen the rival property before work began, the competition heats up as our renovators also pass judgment on one another’s builds when the projects are finished. Amanda and Laura will then reveal which developer has made the biggest profit and who will be walking away with the £5000 prize.

Of the commission, Commissioning and Development Editor David Sayer said: “Even in these difficult times, money can be made from renovating properties – if you do the job properly. Beat My Build will chart the ups and downs as ordinary people take on the tricky challenge of renovating wrecks - with the added bonus of a cash prize for whoever turns the biggest profit.”

The series will be produced by Lion Television Scotland.


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