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Channel 4 are downright thrilled to unveil a brand new installment of Comedy Blaps, the online showcase to help develop new programme ideas and discover tomorrow's comedy stars today.

Today sees the launch of two new three-part mini-series. The first comes from Liam Williams, one part of the up and coming comedy group Sheeps, who looks at everyday themes through his skewed and unique lens, and the second comes courtesy of Roisin Conaty, and the brilliantly shambolic character of Marcella whose life consists of one night stands, ongoing therapy and waiting for pizza deliveries. The final Blap, Pond, is a real life Game of Thrones set in the torrid political world of television production.

Rosin Conaty landed her own pilot off the back of her Blap, Game Face, which will air on channel 4 at 10.30pm on April 23rd.

Commissioned by the C4 Comedy Department working with Multiplatform Commissioning Editor for Comedy & Entertainment Jody Smith, Blaps are a series of short form videos available on Channel as well as Youtube, Vimeo and as a podcast on iTunes and Feedburner.

Phil Clarke, Head of Comedy at Channel 4 says: “This is another brilliantly eclectic lineup of up and coming talent and once again you can actually see how short-form content can grow into a fully-fledged pilot by watching Roisin’s brilliant portrayal of the hapless Marcella develop from Blap to standalone show.”

Liam Williams
Liam Williams is one third of the sketch group SHEEPS. In these C4 Blaps Liam takes inspiration from his Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominated, sell-out and self-titled show. Each Blap will explore broad themes such as Things (would Liam be happier with more ‘stuff’ in his life?), Monotony (from school days to a grown up routine) and Home (how his relatives have shaped his life) with a combination of stand-up and sketch comedy.

Prod co: Babycow

Pond is a sitcom set in the treacherous world of modern television commissioning, a world filled with bullshitters and arse-kissers. Armed solely with his sharp suits and flawed judgement, executive Ralph Michaels must secure a commission to keep his company afloat and his wife's kitchen refurb on track. Even if that means pitching to Simon Swervy, a man with all the power and self-awareness of a diseased and insane Roman Emperor.

Prod co: Tiger Aspect

Roisin Conaty

It’s Marcella’s 30th birthday and this year she’s determined to sort her life out. Luckily she’s found a life coach who’s prepared to help with that mammoth task, but first she has to work out whose bed she’s in and why she’s covered in fried chicken. In episode two, it’s time to think about the future and her chances of making it as a country and western singer. And in episode three, Marcella has really made an effort... maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t need a life coach any more...

Written by and starring Roisin Conaty.

Prod co: Objective

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