What the Fox?!

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Channel 4 is undertaking the first nationwide study of urban foxes in 30 years and uncovering what Britain thinks of this unique city wildlife.

To launch the brand new series of Foxes Live: Wild in the City, today Channel 4 released a group of ‘real' urban foxes to invade the busy streets of London. They were found scaring and screeching at commuters at a busy train station, travelling city style on the underground, raiding and eating out of public bins, jumping the bus queues and causing general mayhem in the city!


Love them or loathe them, urban foxes appear to be taking over our cities - there are estimated to be 27 foxes per square mile in the UK and between 30,000 to 40,000 foxes living in our cities.


Channel 4 is enlisting the help of the great British public in undertaking a comprehensive nationwide survey of the urban fox population in the UK. There has been an increase in recent press reports of foxes becoming bolder and braver than ever and it has become even more important to understand how this animal lives in our cities and if we can safely co-exist alongside them.


Are foxes afraid of humans? Do they steal our rubbish? And do they attack our pets?

Let Channel 4 educate the nation on urban foxes LIVE.

Foxes Live: Wild in The City starts on Monday 30th April at 8pm on Channel 4

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