All 4 Commissions Rage Room


Russell Kane is set to host Rage Room, a show in which two people will compete to lose their sh*t. Been jilted at the aisle? Convince our panel of your pain and you can smash the hell out of a replica of your wedding day. The perfect cathartic release for the digital stress head generation.

Each week two people will enter Russell’s Rage Room and pitch their own personal gripe, irritation or annoyance.

Russell Kane along with a weekly celeb co-host will interrogate their stories as they try to find the most deserving of the two. Whilst the loser is sent home with a stress ball, the winner gets the Rage Room of their dreams built; with all their key trigger points realised in a brilliantly visual set. They will then be allowed to trash the Rage Room in a brilliantly cathartic and comic finale.

Eight episodes of 15 mins have been commissioned.

Exec. Lynn Sutcliffe, Mighty Productions

Series Producer, Danny Bell

Commissioning Editor, Joshua Buckingham


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