4oD highlights for week 17


Two Broke Girls

Extreme A&E

Dr Kevin Fong investigates some of the world's most dangerous, diverse and demanding emergency emergency medicine environments to uncover the science of saving lives.

9/11: The Lost Tapes

Newly released recordings of military and air traffic control conversations offer a moving perspective on 9/11 and the fateful minutes that changed America forever.

Elizabeth Taylor: The Auction of a Lifetime

An exploration of Elizabeth Taylor's extraordinary life story, told through some of her most valuable and glamorous possessions, and with exclusive interviews.

Faking It

Entertaining transformational battles against the odds. Intrepid volunteers are plucked from their natural habitat and given just four weeks to master a skill well enough to fool a panel of expert judges.

The Morgana Show

Sketch-based comedy show starring new talent Morgana Robinson who showcases her skilfully crafted range of characters and impersonations of stars, including Cheryl Cole and Fearne Cotton.

Two Broke Girls

US comedy about two girls from different ends of the social spectrum who join forces in an attempt to set up their own business.

Pamela Stephenson: The Fame Report

Dr Pamela Stephenson examines the reality of being famous, its psychological impact and its effect on key relationships for those in the public eye.


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