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We aim to support all aspects of corporate responsibility and sustainability in our supply chain. Where possible, we work in partnership with our suppliers and service partners to ensure these issues are at the top of their agenda.


Our commitment to a wider diversity of supply goes above and beyond our licence requirements. Our Creative Diversity Department, through the creation of the Alpha Fund, has signalled an entirely new approach to diversity within Channel 4, focusing on content and supply, with an emphasis on driving the development and commissioning of content from new, diverse, grassroots talent throughout the UK. See our creative diversity and corporate diversity pages for more information.

Supplier Diversity Statement (excluding indies)
Suppliers who provide services to Channel 4 agree to adopt (if applicable) and maintain a diversity policy or adhere to Channel 4’s diversity principles of maintaining a diverse workforce and working with a diverse supply chain. Channel 4 reserves the right to request additional information and data from you to audit your compliance with this paragraph.

Please read our supplier diversity statement here.

Environmental Sustainability


The Albert Consortium

In March 2011, Channel 4 joined the Albert Consortium, a consortium of UK broadcasters and independent production companies, with a primary aim of promoting and supporting environmentally sustainable practices within the UK TV industry. In 2012, we will promote and support these practices both through the Consortium and through internal workshops and other incentives.

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Green Broadcasting Group

In November 2011, Channel 4 joined the EBU Green Broadcasting Group. The purpose of this Group is to build a common view of the environmental impact of media across production, distribution and transmission; to identify specific activities and work areas to reduce impacts; and to act as a collective voice when liaising with industry and other bodies.