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We want to ensure that the way we go about our day to day activities reflects our commitment to reducing any negative impact we may have on the environment.

To support this commitment, we've had an environment policy in place since 2004. We've worked hard to reduce our impact but we want to do even more which is why we revised this policy in November 2011, committing us to energy, waste and water reduction targets - click here to download a copy. To support us in delivering these commitments, we've started implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) following the principles of ISO 14001. Read on to find out what we've already achieved and our aims for the future.

Employee Awareness


We want to inspire and engage our employees on environmental issues as much as possible. During 2011, we established a team of environmental champions across Channel 4 (the Green Team) and ran a number of campaigns to support Fairtrade Fortnight, International Earth Hour and World Environment Day. We've also engaged Global Action Plan, a leading environmental charity dedicated to encouraging sustainable behaviour change, who are helping to support us in raising awareness.


In April 2011, we were awarded with the Carbon Trust Standard through measuring, managing and reducing our carbon emissions by 2% over a three year period to September 2010.

We achieved these reductions through maintaining day to day energy efficiencies and investing in energy efficient technology. In addition, we ran a number of high profile energy efficiency awareness campaigns including an Energy Day in June 2010, where an Eco-Driving Simulator and an Eco-Gym were brought into Channel 4.

During 2011, we continued to implement energy reduction measures and raise employee environmental awareness and we've set the following energy targets in order to continually improve:

  • Reducing onsite energy consumption by 10% of current levels within two years of the Policy date
  • Reducing business travel related emissions by 10% of current levels within two years of the Policy date



Over 40% of the office and kitchen waste generated from our main London offices was recycled during 2010, with the remainder being recovered for materials or energy. Over 60%

of our IT waste was re-used, with the remainder being recycled into re-useable materials.

In 2011, we ran a three month campaign focusing on reducing the consumables we use and increasing recycling, called reduce, reuse, recycle. During this time, we carried out a number of initiatives including introducing separate food/biodegradable waste bins across our London headquarters; improving the bin labels to make them even easier to understand and use; and in September, our Green Team helped build a 13m high tower of paper boxes in the foyer of our London headquarters, which helped create interest and engage our employees.

We want to continually improve, so have set the following waste targets:

  • Reducing total waste volumes by 10% of current levels within two years of the Policy date
  • Increase recycling to 70% within two years of the Policy date


In 2010, we carried out a baseline assessment of our water consumption at our main London offices. In order to effectively target, monitor and reduce consumption, over 2010 and 2011, we invested in smart metering solutions and invested in water efficient technology.

We want to do even better, so have set the following water targets:

  • Reducing water consumption by 15% of current levels within two years of the Policy date.

Suppliers and Service Partners

We are committed to working with our suppliers of goods and services to adopt best environmental practice and where possible, we will integrate environmental sustainability requirements into our corporate procurement process. See Suppliers for an update on work carried out in this area.