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Stand Up To Cancer - Request for Proposals

Channel 4 is immensely proud to be the home of Stand Up To Cancer. After the tremendous success of the first three campaigns, we are seeking a long term production partner to produce the SU2C Live Event from 2018.

The History

Stand Up To Cancer is a joint fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4. Launched in the US in 2008 by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), the UK version began in 2012 and has seen three bi-annual campaigns so far, each one culminating in a spectacular live TV Event. Collectively SU2C has raised over £40 million and funded more than 30 new cancer research projects and clinical trials. SU2C 2016 was the most successful year yet, raising £15.7 million pounds. As well as the live event, 2016 featured a channel-wide season of programming including celebrity editions of The Island, Tattoo Fixers and Child Genius as well as the triumphant return of The Crystal Maze.

SU2C 2016: The Live Show

On 21st October stars from entertainment, music and sport came together for an epic fundraising event. Hosted by Davina McCall, Alan Carr and Adam Hills, the 5½ hour show mixed entertainment, sketches, performances, science, and tear-jerking donation films to extraordinary effect. Highlights of the night included:

Celebrity Gogglebox, featuring Steve Coogan, Anna Friel, Olly Murs, Niall Horan and the England Football Team.

  • Comedy sketches from stars including Michael Buble, Britney Spears, Jose Mourinho, John Hamm, Alicia Dixon, James Corden, David Coulthard, Matthew McConaughey, Eva Longoria, Jack Whitehall and many others.
  • Boy George and a full choir performing David Bowie classic Starman.
  • Steve Coogan introducing Noel Gallagher’s performance of Half the World Away in tribute to Caroline Aherne.
  • A special live edition of The Last Leg.
  • The return of 90s favourite Streetmate.
  • Cutting edge science with the ‘World’s Sexiest Doctor’ Dr Mike.
  • A bespoke celebrity edition of Humans.
  • Live appearances from a host of stars including Martin Freeman, John Legend, Bear Grylls, Greg Rutherford, Fred Siriex, Joe Lycett and the Celebrity Islanders.
  • A set of films telling the inspirational and heart-breaking stories of people battling cancer.

The Proposal

From 2018 the ambition is for SU2C to become an annual event. The first three shows have done a brilliant job of establishing SU2C as a major new fundraiser. Crucially they have managed to do this within the context of a high quality entertainment event; each show has raised more money while delivering better, more ambitious content. The challenge now is to evolve the show, building on the legacy of the first three campaigns and retaining the sense of scale and creative ambition while making it feel like a must watch piece of event TV.

We want to hear your ideas for 2018 and beyond. The show needs to feature the same mix of fundraising and entertainment at its heart, but beyond that it’s up to you. Here are some key things to consider:


Talent is absolutely key to SU2C. It isn’t just about who you think should host the live show; we want to know what talent should feature in all forms, live in the studio, on location and on VT. We want the biggest UK and US names but just as importantly we want to know a) how you’d use them and b) how you’d ensure you can book them. We want to see a plan setting out a detailed talent strategy rather than just a list of expected or suitable names.

Content and Creativity

SU2C is defined by its creative ambition as much as the money it raises. The past shows have used a similar set of building blocks - including key C4 brands like The Last Leg and Gogglebox - but don’t feel you need to follow that pattern. What elements would you build your version of SU2C around? What’s been missing from previous years that you’d like to introduce? Most importantly what are the big ideas that will bring large peak time audiences to the show? (4.5 million people watched Celebrity Gogglebox in 2016; what will bring similar numbers to 2018 and beyond?) We don’t just want a bullet point list – we want to hear your fleshed-out ideas. Please send us your detailed vision for the entire show, from show openers to totalizer moments; from live stunts to VT.

Building an Annual Show

So far we’ve had two years to build to each live event, but there is a huge difference between a biannual telethon and one that happens every year. We want SU2C to continue to grow at the same extraordinary rate but to do this each year needs to feel fresh, vital and distinct. How will you evolve and renew an annual show to ensure it doesn’t feel stale? This isn’t just about SU2C 2018 – we want to hear your long term plan.


Each SU2C campaign has raised more money than the last, but until now we’ve only been asking people to give every other year. How do you encourage viewers to pick up their phones when you’re asking them every twelve months? Our biggest fundraising spikes have been when we’re innovative with the way we ask – whether it’s embedding donation films in Gogglebox or using superstar music performances to remember people we’ve lost to cancer. What ideas do you have to make sure that we continue to increase the total year after year?

Other factors

Other important elements to think about in your proposal:

  • When and Where?

All three shows have taken place in late October and the last two have been broadcast from Central Hall in Westminster. But we’re not tied to date or location; if moving either will make for a better show we’re happy to consider alternatives.

  • Set Design and Staging

What do you think about the look of the show? Maybe there’s a whole new way to stage the live event?

  • Science

Having science at the heart of the show is crucial, both to show people where their money is goes and to highlight the extraordinary progress we’re making in the fight against cancer. But how do we do it with innovation, scale and fun?

  • All4

All4 is no longer just a catch-up service – it’s home to an increasing range of new and original programming. How can the Live Event reflect that, partnering with online in an innovative and potent way?

  • Diversity

Please show us how you would meet and build on Channel 4’s diversity objectives.

Your Proposal

Please submit your proposal with your ideas in all the above areas. In addition your submission should also contain the following:

  • Details of your credentials including live event production, entertainment experience, technical expertise and any relevant production personnel.
  • An example running order giving suggested content for SU2C 2018. Assume the show starts at 7pm and runs until 12:30 am.
  • A separate, detailed budget based on the above example event. Please call Hayley Thornton for an indication of the available funding for the project and any further information you require.

Please ensure that your proposal contains a statement that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions set out in this document. We will be unable to review any proposals without this. Please also note that your idea must be original, owned by you and free from third party interests.


Because of the level of thought and detail we are asking for, you have five weeks to submit your proposal document. Please provide your submission by 18.00 on Friday 24th February via email to Katie Buckley – If we decide that your proposal has the potential and that you have the requisite experience, we will invite you to an interview. This will provide us with an opportunity to ask you further questions and discuss your vision for SU2C with us face to face. It will also be an opportunity for you to ask us questions. We will also run through your proposed budget.

We hope to notify all interested parties in writing by Friday 3rd March as to whether a proposal has been selected to move forward to interview stage. The interviews will begin in the week commencing Monday 6th March. Any changes to any deadline dates will be posted on the Channel 4 Website.


Editorial: Tom Beck: 020 7306 5143 /

Finance: Anne-Marie Horsley: 020 7306 8413 /

Legal and Business Affairs: Tiffany Turner: 020 7306 8232 /

Submission Enquires: Katie Buckley: 020 7306 5591 /

Terms and Conditions

The contract for the production work will be with Channel 4 on a producer for hire all rights assignment basis, subject always to any rights, terms and conditions of Channel 4’s agreement with the rights holder. Producer shall not in any event acquire any right, title or interest in or to the programmes or any event footage.

Producers will be responsible for and bear all of their own costs, liabilities and expenses which may be incurred in the preparation of their proposal responses regardless of whether a producer is shortlisted and selected to proceed to interview and/or regardless of whether a contract is awarded.

All information provided by Channel 4 and correspondence in relation to the process should be treated as “commercial in confidence” by producers. No announcement or disclosure in relation to this process or the contents of any proposal shall be made without the prior written consent of Channel 4.

All intellectual property rights in this document and all materials provided by Channel 4, its business partners or its professional advisors in connection with project/process (the “Channel 4 Materials”) are and shall remain the property of Channel 4 and/or its business partners and/or professional advisors and the producer is only permitted to use the Channel 4 Material solely for the purpose of preparing a proposal and not further use or otherwise.

Due to the nature of the work (namely a live entertainment event with a fundraising remit) you acknowledge that Channel 4 may receive proposals which resemble your proposal and that in some cases similar or identical ideas may be generated independently. Please note that Channel 4 reserves the right to use the information included in a producer’s proposal for any reasonable purpose connected with this process.

Channel 4 reserves the right to:

(a) Amend the process for submitting proposals at any time and Channel 4 may (at its discretion) extend the submission deadline;

(b) Cancel this project at any time;

(c) Accept or reject any producer proposal at any time prior to the notification of the award and completion of contracts, without incurring any liability to the affected producers.

Nothing contained in this document or any other communication made between the Producer and Channel 4 or its representatives (including submission of a proposal) shall constitute an agreement, contract or representation between Channel 4 and any other party (except for a formal award of contract made in writing by Channel 4). Receipt by Channel 4 of a proposal document does not imply the existence of a contract or commitment by or with Channel 4 for any purpose and producers should note that submitting a proposal may not result in the award of any business. Producer must not hold itself out as being associated with Cancer Research UK, Entertainment Industry Foundation (“EIF”) or SU2C in any manner.

Producers must not use Channel 4’s, Cancer Research UK’s EIF’s or SU2C’s trade-marks or logos or otherwise make reference to Channel 4, Cancer Research UK, EIF or SU2C or to any Channel 4 Materials without Channel 4’s prior written permission.

Producers who have been found to be in breach of confidentiality or intellectual property rights with respect to this project or who directly or indirectly canvasses any employee of Channel 4 concerning the award of the contract will be disqualified and Channel 4 may pursue any remedy or take any other action for breach as it considers appropriate. Channel 4’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law.