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What do we do?
Entertainment, TV Events and Sport is a new super-department which houses some of the most ambitious programming on Channel 4. From channel-defining events (Stand Up To Cancer and The Paralympics), to award winning satire (The Last Leg); from top quality comedy entertainment (8 Out of 10 Cats do Countdown, The Crystal Maze), to spectacular live sport (Formula 1), our slate is characterised by range, scale and ambition.

Who do we work with?

We work with an incredibly wide range of producers and genres, both outside and inside the channel. Sometimes we work with a single company while other events cover a broad range of cross-genre content and may involve a mix of suppliers working on the same project. For example Stand Up To Cancer 2016 blended content from 12 different companies to create a month long season of themed programming, culminating in a major piece of event TV. Equally The Alternative Election Night in 2015 involved content from four different indies, spanning entertainment and current affairs. As well as our own commissions we also work closely with other C4 departments to deliver major events across the schedule.

The talent we work with is equally diverse, from Alan Carr to Clare Balding; Richard Ayoade to Jeremy Paxman; Adam Hills to Steve Jones. And developing newer talent is a crucial part of our remit whether it’s introducing fresh faces to studio shows like Cats to the ground-breaking search for disabled talent that developed, for example, Alex Brooker and Arthur Williams.

What do we want?

We are very much open for business. Our remit is extremely broad and we commission cross-genre and across all slots, from Friday night entertainment, to huge schedule roadblocks.

We are always looking for new ideas in our traditional areas, especially Friday nights at 9 and 10pm. The Last Leg and Cats Countdown continue to work brilliantly for us but what are the next generation studio entertainment shows to sit alongside them? And we don’t just want programmes that run post watershed – TFI Friday and Alan Carr’s Happy Hour both played at 8pm on Friday; what other broad, fun and young-skewing ideas can we develop to kick off Friday and Saturday nights?

We want to hear your ideas for big schedule spikes particularly in the second half of 2017 and beyond. In 2016 we had the Rio Paralympics, Stand Up To Cancer and The Crystal Maze – what could we do next year with similar scale and success? Our programmes might be tied to particular events but they don’t have to be. Historically we’ve been home to entertainment events like the British Comedy Awards and the Comedy Gala – what else could we do in that sort of space? And are there areas that we simply haven’t commissioned into recently that we should be thinking about, anything from breakfast shows to theme nights?

In short we want the biggest, most exciting ideas you have. It goes without saying that anything you bring us should feel distinctively Channel 4 in its sensibility but just as important is that it feels exciting, ambitious and fun.

Ed Havard, Head of Entertainment, TV Events and Sport

Tom Beck, Head of Live Events & Commissioning Editor, Entertainment

Syeda Irtizaali, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment & TV Events

Sarah Lazenby, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment & Entertainment

Karen Murdoch, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment & TV Events

Antonia Howard Taylor, Commissioning Executive, TV Events

Stephen Lyle, Commissioning Editor, Sport

Gabby Cook, Commissioning Editor, Sport

James Rutherford, Commissioning Editor, Sport Multiplatform and Off-Peak

Katie Buckley, Programme Coordinator, Entertainment & TV Events

Madeleine Ireland, Genre Assistant, Entertainment & TV Events

Sian Dolding, Commissioning and Talent Coordinator