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Channel 4 drama’s aim is to be the most original, talked about drama commissioning department in the UK. Commissioning new work from both established and up and coming drama writers, we are here to be a surprising, thought-provoking, entertaining alternative to the drama output on other channels.

We encourage new and established talent to come to us with their most original work whether that is in the form of a historical drama like Indian Summers which has a new perspective on a pivotal moment in 20th Century history, a radical take on the police procedural as in the case of Paul Abbott’s No Offence or by shining a bright new light on the LGBT community as Russell T Davies did in his triptych of shows Cucumber, Banana and Tofu. Through drama, we are always encouraging audiences to look at the world in a new and different way.

In terms of C4 and E4, our output encompasses a huge range of work across these two platforms. Each year on C4, this work comprises of a continuing series (Hollyoaks), brand new series, returning series (e.g. Fresh Meat), mini-series (e.g. This Is England) and single dramas (e.g. Coalition). On E4, we aim to commission three original series a year like My Mad Fat Diary and our new E4 series from the makers of Misfits, Aliens.

With the launch of our International drama slate late last year, we can also focus on developing larger co-productions with global appeal like Channel 4 Drama, AMC and Kudos’ ambitious new series Humans, the very first project from this slate.

Of course discovering, nurturing and reaching out to new and diverse talent is also a huge priority for us and each year we run or sponsor a number of new talent development programmes (COMING UP, 4SCREENWRITING, C4 PLAYWRIGHT SCHEME and THE NORTHERN WRITERS’ SCHEME). Authorship is everything for C4 drama, so developing original voices in writing and film-making, as well as giving established talent the opportunity to work in a bespoke way, will always sit at the centre of what we do. You can find out more about those schemes by visiting our 4New Writers webpage.

We are always excited to receive submissions from new writers, however these must be submitted via an agent or production company. Please submit projects to the relevant member of the drama team and copy Lisa Walters into all correspondence. Unfortunately Channel 4 cannot accept unsolicited scripts from members of the public other than via the 4SCREENWRITING and COMING UP initiatives. Please allow 28 days grace before we come back to you with a response.

Multiplatform ideas should be submitted to our Online team, contact details can be found here.