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Our main commissioning slots are from 2-6pm, Monday to Friday; plus some originations on Saturday afternoons, Sunday lunch-time and Sunday afternoons. Our main focus at the moment is on weekdays 5-6pm.


Slots either 30 mins or 60 mins

This is the home of factual entertainment formats (Come Dine With Me and Four in a Bed) and lightly formatted observational series (Extreme Cakemakers). We’re also launching new series fronted by known C4 faces in this slot (e.g Streetmate with Scarlett Moffat)

We’re actively looking to commission a number of new titles for this time-slot – either to pilot or go straight to series.

Possible genres:

Lightly formatted observational series. We’ve found success identifying subject areas where good characters skilfully produce amazing results (Extreme Cakemakers). Are there other areas where people’s work has a natural narrative, the results will amaze viewers, and what they do will appeal to a broad audience, across all demographics? Could we extend this further by creating hubs where these groups of strong characters work?

Factual Entertainment: ideas that take a regular slice of life and put a slight format on it. These formats usually allow strong casts to interact (and often compete) with one another, while doing something we can all relate to. They also often have a real-world insight as a starting point: eg. it could be based around something that couples or families argue about, fish out of water experiences, a battle of taste, or something that plays on awkward social situations.

Rising stars (C4 or other) who could front their own shows. Who has the wit, wisdom and likeability to appeal to C4 daytime viewers? It helps if they are paired with an idea that plays to their expertise, or allows them to showcase a passion of theirs. We’ve also had success with pairs of presenters lightly competing against each other (Coast v Country, Find It Fix It Flog It). Are there other areas that would appeal to a 5pm audience that could benefit from this kind of treatment? Equally: are there super famous faces who can be persuaded to do a show on the channel?

Heritage brands. Are there heritage brands that you, as a producer, have access to which could be justifiably brought back into the schedule? Or do you have the rights to a successful international format that you think could work at 5pm?

• What do you think we’re missing out on? What should daytime do that it isn’t doing at the moment?

At this time of day, the audience has a broad demographic: including empty nesters, home workers or homemakers looking for a break from their work, people coming home from work, as well as students and kids. Many of these viewers are looking for something diverting and entertaining, but also engaging: shows need to give them take out, have plenty of playalong or introduce them to new worlds.

Women are in the majority, but not overwhelmingly so; that means shows should appeal equally across the genders and not favour one or other. Similarly, the age range is broadly spread – albeit skewing younger than other channels at that time of day (and getting younger as the hour progresses).

What this audience doesn’t want are programmes that are too serious or too heavy in nature (no personal relationship counselling for instance), or shows that have such big jeopardy that mean while the winners win big, the losers lose big too. The subject matters shouldn’t be too niche - fashion is hard for that reason – or something we have a lot of (food and dating are two of those areas). We also wouldn’t go for physical gameshows or any series where viewers feel they haven’t learnt anything by the end of the episode.


This is the home of Countdown and 15 To One, but also A Place in the Sun; Find It, Fix It, Flog It; Sun Sea and Selling Houses and A New Life in the Sun.

We also have a mix of new and returning property search, home make-over, pet, quiz and collectibles formats coming up.

For now we are well-commissioned in these slots and are looking to focus our development priorities for 5-6pm. So at most we will only be looking for one or two new titles for these slots.

Brand funding

We are always interested in exploring the possibility of co-funding shows with commercial brands (e.g Eat The Week with Iceland). These will tend to play in weekend slots.

If you become aware of brands interested in investing in long-form programming on C4, then talk to us as soon as you can. We can give a guide as to whether the area might work for us; if it does, we can then develop ideas that might work for both us and the brand. Too often in the past brands have become excited about one specific idea that isn’t suitable for Channel 4 and then the opportunity disappears.


We prefer to chat through ideas, rather than meet to talk generally about our needs; but we are open to discussing everything from fully formed ideas to initial topline thoughts.

Contact details:
David Sayer, Head of Daytime.
Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor, Daytime & Features.


  • Head of Daytime
    David Sayer

    020 7306 3613
  • Commissioning Editor, Daytime and Features
    Tim Hancock

    GENRE ASSISTANT: Chris Reindorp
    020 7306 1046
  • Programme Coordinator, Daytime, Formats & Music, Education
    Cerise Carroll

    020 7306 6432
  • Genre Assistant, Daytime, Formats & Music, Education
    Cyd Fox

    020 7306 3613