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In terms of where we go next, the broad headlines are:

Fact ent formats:

Fixed rig reality-style shows: we don’t want to re-make The Salon, which played in shoulder peak before on C4. But is there a fresh location that could be rigged, populated with likeable people, with a light format on it?

Competitive formats with big, eye-catching prizes: we’ve got something in the property space, but is there any other area that might work? This is probably the only form of stripped show we’d go for at the moment, as we have a lot of things in that area.

Closed ep formats looking at modern issues and contemporary challenges. Have a think about the sorts of closed episode reality formats that used to play on Channel 4 and elsewhere (Faking It, Wife Swap, Changing Rooms, World’s Strictest Parents etc), but don’t necessarily have a natural home any more. Is there a way of updating these shows for daytime?

AREAS TO AVOID: dating; competitive food; personal make-over.

What are the latest trends that are ripe for TV exploitation? We’ve looked at open houses, the trouble people have selling their homes and escapist property searches with buyers looking to change their life-styles, among other things. What is the next step – if any? It has to be distinct – and not feel like a mild variation on an existing C4/More4 show.

Features meets docu-soap
Can you dream up a way of combining classic features content (cooking, property, make-over) with a docusoap? It would feature a regular cast of strong characters doing something highly accessible (and has lots of take out), who are also strong enough to provide a bit of docu-soap style material too.

AREAS TO AVOID: collectibles; animals; upcycling; health/medicine; gardens.

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