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We’re looking to potentially commission a variety of shows for 2019 in the following areas:
1. A live daily show
2. New one-hour features style shows for 3/4pm.
3. New half hours for 5/5.30pm

1. Live Daily Show
We are looking at potentially launching a new daytime live show.

In the past, Channel 4 daytime has been home to live programming including the likes of The New Paul O’Grady Show and Richard and Judy. These shows have given the channel a sense of immediacy in the afternoon and felt intrinsically Channel 4.

They also very much played to the strengths of the presenters: Paul’s quick-fire wit and ease with celebrities; Richard and Judy’s journalism mixed with that feeling that anything could happen.

So, for any new show, we think talent is going to be key. They’ll need to be warm, funny and inclusive for a daytime broad day-time audience: anyone who has a touch of Marmite about them won’t deliver the right volume of viewers in daytime. Bear in mind that our audiences are typically two to one female to male, and spread broadly across the age ranges, becoming slightly younger as the afternoon goes on, so we can’t go too niche.

They’ll have to be able to do the full spectrum of live presenting: switching between entertainment, more topical content and sure-footed interviewing.

The main presenter won’t be new talent; but we are open to a supporting presenting team that allows us to give a platform to fresh faces.

The show should be distinctly Channel 4 in feel: entertaining, but not frivolous; content-rich, but not po-faced in any way; packed with humour, but not at the expense of viewers feeling a little wiser about the world once the credits role.

We’re open on the slot: this will be driven by the idea and talent, so we’ll match the right show to the right daytime slot. The tariff will be within the normal range of daytime shows. We would expect this to be a three month minimum commission.

The show will be produced regionally and will eventually be based in the channel’s new National HQ. While the tender for the HQ won’t be completed until the autumn, we would like to start investigating what sort of live show we might be able to do now.

Pitching: in the first instance, we are looking for ideas about who might work as a presenter, along with a short pitch on what you think the show would be.

Please don’t send us long list of potential people (we can do that). Instead, send us your favourite person and what they are perfect for; along with why you think you might be able to book them.


2. New features/light formats for 3 and 4pm
60 min slots

We have a stable of returning shows in this slot, including A Place in the Sun, A New Life in the Sun, Escape to the Chateau DIY, Find It Fix It Flog It, Sun Sea and Selling Houses and Coast v Country.

The thrust in these slots is a mix of features formats and lightly formatted observational series
. Subject matters should be mainstream, accessible and aspirational, appealing across all demographics, not skewing too old or young or towards one gender or the other. We’ve had some success with people striking out on new ventures, particularly abroad (Escape to the Chateau – DIY, A New Life in the Sun). Contributors are doing something that viewers can potentially aspire to, as well as offering a bit of escapism, often set in attractive locations. Are there other areas where we can follow contributors taking on new challenges - in interesting and picturesque places - either here or abroad, with plenty of ups and downs along the way? What other inspiring things are ordinary people doing?

Some shows will be presenter-led: here the focus should be on people the audience is happy to spend time with; warm and likeable. They won’t be afraid to be honest with contributors, without offending them. They’ll take their roles seriously, but won’t take themselves too seriously, while the formats will allow them to deliver plenty of take-out information for viewers. The formats should be simple and easy to follow, building up to clear reveals/climaxes.

Non-presenter led shows will focus on ordinary people taking on unusual challenges. Again, the cast will need to be warm and likeable, with viewers admiring them for giving something a go, rooting for them to do well and being inspired by what they achieve. We like shows with a regular cast of contributors, probably across a weeks’ worth of shows but possibly across a series.

We’re also open to access-led ideas that focus on a precinct that has a high story churn. Here it’s all about finding a likeable cast who are good at their jobs. Those jobs should feature plenty of jeopardy and drama, promising lots of resolutions in each episode, along with plenty of take-out for viewers.
In a crowded market, we want something that feels like it will stand out easily and get viewers talking about the mechanic.


3. New shows for 5-6pm
Slots will generally be 30 mins (60 mins will be the exception)

This is the home of factual entertainment formats (Come Dine With Me and Four in a Bed), lightly formatted observational series (Extreme Cakemakers) and occasionally presenter-led features (Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas).

The audience is growing across the hour and getting younger as it builds, but ideas shouldn’t be solely young-skewing.

We are open to a few avenues here: • How do we turn people’s taste and judgement into formats? Come Dine With Me and Four in a Bed do this, and Four Weddings and Changing Rooms did this on other channels too. Are there different ways of formatting up this kind of show? Are there new subject matters that haven’t been tried out yet?
• C4’s now the home of The Great British Bake Off and daytime plays host to Extreme Cakemakers. Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas was a more direct spin-off of a primetime series. Are there other areas that have the same mainstream appeal as cakes/baking, which can be the subject matter for either a fact ent or lightly formatted documentary show?
• What have you always wanted to make but not really found a home for? We’re open to taking a few risks on ideas that feel broad enough to appeal to a daytime audience, but different from what we’ve tried before (recent examples range from Star Boot Sale to Buy It Now which are very different from our output until now)
At this time of day, the audience has a broad demographic: including empty-nesters, home workers or homemakers looking for a break from their work, people coming home from work, as well as students and kids. Many of these viewers are looking for something diverting and entertaining, but also engaging: shows need to give them take out, have plenty of playalong or introduce them to new worlds.

Women are in the majority, but not overwhelmingly so; that means shows should appeal equally across the genders and not favour one or other. Similarly, the age range is broadly spread – albeit skewing younger than other channels at that time of day (and getting younger as the hour progresses).

What this audience doesn’t want are programmes that are too serious or too heavy in nature (no personal relationship counselling for instance), or shows that have such big jeopardy that mean while the winners win big, the losers lose big too. The subject matters shouldn’t be too niche - fashion is hard for that reason – or something we have a lot of (food and dating are two of those areas). We also wouldn’t go for physical gameshows or any series where viewers feel they haven’t learnt anything by the end of the episode. And it’s very unlikely we’d go for a quiz here with so many other quizzes across the schedule at this time.

All shows at 5pm and across our schedule should have the aspiration to ultimately run in large volume – we aren’t interested in short runs or one-off weeks.

Pitching contact details

David Sayer, Head of Daytime.

Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor, Daytime & Features.


  • Head of Daytime
    David Sayer

    020 7306 3613
  • Commissioning Editor, Daytime and Features
    Tim Hancock

    GENRE ASSISTANT: Hannah Jefferys
    020 7306 1046
  • Commissioning Executive, Daytime and Features
    Ramy El-Bergamy

    020 7306 3613
  • Programme Coordinator, Daytime, Formats & Music, Education
    Cerise Carroll

    020 7306 6432
  • Genre Assistant, Daytime, Formats & Music, Education
    Cyd Fox

    020 7306 3613