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Channel 4 Daytime is looking for big new ideas to either pilot or go straight to series for 5pm. We want to take some risks and try out ideas that feel like they’d provide something very new and fresh to the viewer at that time – while still appealing to the broadest audience. This is an opportunity to try out ideas that other broadcasters wouldn’t dare to attempt in daytime, or big and unusual ideas that need a pilot to truly test their quality and makeability.

Viewers of this slot are looking for entertainment, and nothing too heavy or serious; but they don’t want something that is completely trivial or throwaway. We’re generally seeking to commission factual entertainment or entertainment ideas with playalong for viewers. Equally, we will consider venturing into new areas or updating other genres that have worked in the past but aren’t currently in daytime.

Some starting points:
· FORMATS: think about the structure of formats that have been working well in primetime (from hub shows like First Dates to cast-focussed shows like Gogglebox) and consider how you could learn from them to create something fresh for daytime.
· GENRES: Are there genres that new filming techniques now make viable in daytime? Could we do real life soaps? Or a rig show?
· TALENT: what talent (who you have access to) would you watch day in, day out? What are they best equipped to present in volume? What are their passions? Is it time for the return of the hosted entertainment show?
· SHAPE: We aren’t prescriptive about shape – series can be stripped across the week, or closed episodes, or even longer-running formats (a la Coach Trip). Generally we’re looking for half hours; but with the right talent, we could commission hours.
· SENSIBILITY: Ideas need to be fun; but there should be accessibility and takeout for viewers. We wouldn’t commission a pure entertainment show like Wipeout, as you don't learn anything. Simplicity in fact ent formats is key; along with a real life starting point.
· SCALE: Think about how your primetime fact ent and entertainment ideas could be tweaked to become daily formats.

Don’t think small: we will back an ambitious idea if we think it can return in volume. Also, don’t be constrained by what’s gone before on the channel; we are open to trying new genres in daytime.

Subject areas: The key is to think of subjects that appeal to a broad, daytime audience and aren’t too niche in terms of appeal to a particular gender, or age group. In the light of some recent commissions and developments, try to avoid the areas of:

· Property
· Dating
· Animals
· Food
· Physical game-show
· Collectibles / antiques
· Crafts
· Straight quizzes a la Pointless / The Chase

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