Creative Diversity FAQs

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What are your commissioning priorities?

Grassroots development is first and foremost. Our ambition is to reach out to the best emergent companies in the UK from across all sectors of creative diversity to ensure their ideas are in the best possible shape to make them relevant to the highly competitive Channel 4 commissioning system.

We are ideas-led and want to work with the best new and small companies to ensure that Channel 4's reputation for diversity of supply is as exciting in the future as it has been in the past

What are you not interested in?

Ideas that are derivative or have been seen so often before that they have passed into cliché. We are not there to subsidise business plans unless there is evidence of a flow of strong ideas, smart talent or the capacity to shape projects then we would not invest in development for its own sake.

We are not there to help the struggling or the disenfranchised the two words that frame our team are creative and diversity, they are both important we are there to get creative ideas from diverse production communities.

What are the tariff prices for programmes you currently commission?

We manage a fund called the Alpha Fund which supports creative diversity. It can fund from £1k up to £250k depending on the project. The team works through a small task team of Media Project Managers who are hard-wired into creative communities across the UK, any approach with ideas or for funding would be through those staff members, who are listed on the contacts page.

What is the biggest creative challenge your team or genre faces?

The biggest challenge is to make sure that the next generation of creative diverse talent gets noticed in an era dominated by aggregated super-indies. It's crucial to Channel 4 and to our reputation as a place where great ideas begin and great talent can be commissioned.

What advice would you give to new talent companies keen to connect with your team?

Be clear. Know what you can bring to Channel 4 that sets you apart. Expect the journey to be tough but exhilarating.