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The Sperminator

This film tells the story of Dr Cecil Jacobson, a fertility expert who had a reputation as a miracle worker in the American community where he worked, until it was discovered that he was duping women desperate to conceive by fathering the children himself.

The Sperminator - programme image
When his deception finally came to light, as the result of another enquiry into him falsely telling women they were pregnant and charging them for the process, investigators suspected that Jacobson had fathered up to 75 local children. And while many of his victims were appalled, he seemed to think he had done nothing wrong.

The Sperminator - programme image
Jacobson assured parents that he could match them to donors from the same backgrounds and with the same looks and intellect. But in reality he would slip off with a test-tube before a consultation to provide a fresh 'donation' himself. Arrested and brought to trial in 1992, Jacobson was convicted of 53 counts of fraud and perjury – incredibly there was no law against him using his own semen to impregnate his patients. He was sentenced to five years in prison, still protesting his innocence.

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