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Channel 4, 6-8 February at 11.05pm

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With British women leaving it later to have their first child, the issue of fertility has become increasingly relevant. More and more women are reaching their mid-thirties single, but still very much wanting a child. The result is that many of today's successful women are side-stepping tradition and becoming mothers without men.

In this three-part documentary series, Channel 4 brings together a group of single women in their thirties and follows them as they try to realise their dream of having a baby.

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The first programme follows the fortunes of four women as they navigate their way through the minefield of options available to them. From searching for love to artificial insemination, contemplating one-night stands to seeking adoption, their stories unfold with affecting and diverse results.

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In the second programme, three women decide on donor insemination, but each plans a different way of going about it - Ruth is approached by close male friend who wants to help, Joy advertises for a donor with a specific ethnic background and Julia decides to go down the donor insemination route again having successfully used it to father her first child.

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The concluding programme follows three single women who have gone to extraordinary lengths to have their child - for Pippa, motherhood involves a three-year wait to adopt a little girl from China. Kate has polycystic ovary syndrome and had a previous ectopic pregnancy which nearly killed her. While Natalie has spinal muscular atrophy and is cared for 24 hours a day but is determined to have a baby.

For further information, support and advice about the issues seen in these programmes, check out the links on the right or see our help and info section for relevant organisations, websites and reading.

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