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Pituitary tumour removal

Christine Eaton
Date and time of operation

Thursday 28th May at 11.05pm

Christine Eaton: The patient

Christine had a tumour at the base of her brain in her pituitary gland. This is the body's hormone control centre and the tumour had affected it, causing her body to secrete an excess of growth hormones. Christine's lips had swollen and her shoe size had increased from a size six to a size eight. If the tumour hadn't been removed, the muscles in her heart could have started to grow, restricting blood flow and increasing the risk of a stroke.

Video: Hear from Christine about her condition before surgery
Video: Find out how Christine felt the day after her operation

Christine's progress

Friday 29th May: Christine feels great. Her family has come to visit her and she will probably go home on Tuesday.

  • The operation
    Our surgeon extracted a tumour at the base of the brain, by entering through the nose.
  • Timeline
    A stitch-by-stitch account of what happened during the operation, including video highlights and details of each stage.
  • Meet the team
    Each operation is carried out by a team of highly specialised individuals. Find out more.
  • Day in the life
    We accompanied surgeon Nick Thomas at King's College Hospital to see what his day involved.

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