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Awake brain surgery

Peter Chaisit-Charles
Date and time of operation

Tuesday 26th May at 10.35pm

Peter Chaisit-Charles: The patient

Peter Chaisit-Charles had a suspected tumour in his brain. For the last four years he has suffered from epilepsy, with his lesion causing abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Recently it started to affect his short term memory too. The tumour was growing in the left temporal lobe – the area of the brain that controls our speech and language functions. If the tumour had continued to grow, Peter could have lost part of his ability to talk.

Video: Hear from Peter about his condition before surgery
Video: Find out how Peter felt the day after his operation

Peter's progress

Peter Chaisit-Charles after the operation

Wed 27th May: Peter is doing well. He has been talking normally, had breakfast this morning and is walking around his room. He's had no seizures since surgery and is looking forward to watching tonight's programme. The plan is for him to be discharged tomorrow and fly back to Alderney next Saturday.

  • The operation
    Our surgeon removed part of the patient's skull to take out suspected tumourous tissue, while the patient was awake.
  • Timeline
    A stitch-by-stitch account of what happened during the operation, including video highlights and details of each stage.
  • Meet the team
    Each operation is carried out by a team of highly specialised individuals. Find out more.
  • Day in the life
    We accompanied surgeon Paul Grundy at Southampton General Hospital to see what his day involved.

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