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Race: Science's last taboo
Explore the concept of race and the impact it has on our society through a range of interviews, articles and videos. Please feel free to share and use the content we have provided.
If you are a teacher and your school/educational organisation has ERA membership, you can show any clips or full length programmes to your students found on this site. You can also use any other articles and content from here in the classroom.
A Eurovision of Beauty?
Dr Amina Mire explores the growing skin whitening industry
Context: Is It Better To Be Mixed Race?
A comprehensive study of hybrid vigour and heterozygous advantage.
Context: How Racist Are You?
Jane Elliot’s demonstration, then and now.
Context: Human Zoo
The disturbing history of human zoos and their pseudo scientific origins.
Who Are You Calling A Racist?
Dominic Abrams explores the implications of calling someone ‘racist’.
Interpreting Science
Bill Amos helps us make sense of diverse research with reference to eugenics.
Let's Move On From Race
Should we focus on social equality instead of gene pools?
Q & A with Bill Amos
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics, Cambridge.
Q & A with Jim Wilson
Population geneticist, University of Edinburgh.
Q & A with Mark Shriver
Population geneticist, Morehouse College, Atlanta.
Power Without Oppression?
Is it possible to obtain power without oppressing people?
Race: A History
A history of the word and its place in science.
Race Fact List
A few quick pointers on race.
Races, Faces, Sex and Science by Katrina Voss
Science writer and former broadcast meteorologist Katrina Voss looks at why we don’t all look the same.
The New Language of Diversity
Kenan Malik considers why race is back on the modern social agenda?
Desperately Seeking Beauty by Martha Yankey
Journalist Martha Yankey explores the painful history that’s left many women of colour hating the way they look
Poverty and Underachievement
Interview with Oona King.
Racism or a Missmatch of Understanding?
Interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy.
The acceptable face of blackness
Interview with Aarathi Prasad.
The Science of Underachievement
Interview with Rageh Omaar.
Race and IQ
Rageh Omaar investigates genetic science
Human Zoo
The phenomenon human zoos and story of Ota Benga
The Event: How Racist Are You?
Is Jane Elliot's demonstration valid in the UK in 2009?
Is It Better to Be Mixed Race
Why are so many mixed race people in prominent positions?
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