Enjoy great food and wine. Jimmy has worked with Nederburg’s winemakers to bring you some great wine and food pairings.

Winemaster’s Reserve Chardonnay
Aromas of lime and melon with vanilla oak notes in the background.

The world’s most popular wine is best paired with simple seafood such as smoked salmon and grilled fish. It’s also delicious served with oriental dishes like Thai food.

Winemaster’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc
Melon and herbaceous nuances with fresh gooseberries and a hint of green figs. Sauvignon Blanc is a very food-friendly wine and is superb with salads, chicken, seafood, veal and light meals.

Winemaster’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz
Aromas of blackcurrants and cherries with violets and nuances of vanilla oak spice in the background.

Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its depth of flavour and aroma. It’s excellent served with heart-warming roast lamb, coq au vin, red meat steak, venison, mature cheese and pizza and pasta dishes.

Winemaster’s Reserve Shiraz
An abundance of plums and prunes with a hint of banana and slight oak spices in the background.

Shiraz is an incredibly robust wine that can be served on its own or with Mediterranean meat dishes such as spicy lamb, souvlaki or kebabs as well as with traditional roasts, oxtail and barbecued steaks.

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