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"Each year almost 4,000 British service personel have some form of mental disorder diagnosed."

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Show a bit of weakness, they can smell itSoldiers in their own words

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Paul's story

Blanking it out

TA Paul Harrison went to Iraq in 2003, and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder three years later.Read more

Antonio's story

Getting help

At 18, Antonio Ching was the second youngest soldier to go to Iraq in 2003. Now 24 he's still struggling to readjust to life outside the Army.Read more

Soldier with dog

Portraits of War

Filmmaker and photographer David Modell was given exclusive access to soldiers on their return from active duty.

Soldier standing outside a jeep

Frontline images

Shot by serving personnel in combat zones, catch a rare glimpse of life on the front line, as seen from a soldier's perspective.

Tanks on the move

War videos

These revealing clips filmed by soldiers on their tour of duty offer an amazing insight into life under fire and the pressures they face.

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