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You Are What You Eat
Episode 4 - Reverend Brian Statham (Jan 31st 2006, at 8:00 on C4)

This week, Reverend Brian Statham from Cheshire is in for a McKeith makeover. At 50, 5’6’’ Brian weighs 16 ½ stone and has already had one heart attack, and with a history of heart disease in his family, knows he is heading for another if he doesn’t change his ways soon.

Despite the warnings, Brian feeds himself as if he is feeding the five thousand. He can’t say no, and to make matters worse, he drives everywhere. Brian lacks energy, has sleepless nights and suffers from headaches.

Gillian is not impressed by what Brian’s parishioners have told her and is here to give him a chance to turn his life around. She starts by presenting him with all the food he has eaten in a week. His bad food table includes 36 slices of toast and marmalade, two portions fish & chips with mushy peas, five chocolate bars, 12 glasses of red wine and 40 cups of tea with milk & sugar.

One of the most worrying aspects of Brian’s diet, especially considering the heart problems in his family, is the amount of salt he consumes. He eats more than four times the recommended daily amount.

A few weeks into the regime and Brian is doing well but he is avoiding eating at friends’ houses to resist temptation. Gillian thinks he should be sharing his new lifestyle with his friends and parishioners so she organises a meal for him to host at home. His guests love the new healthier foods Brian serves for lunch.

After 8 weeks Gillian is back and finds a far healthier and happier vicar than she met previously. His face is clear and he is positively beaming with confidence. He has lost an impressive two stone, five inches from his waist and two and a half inches from his dog collar size.


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