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You Are What You Eat
This week Gillian meets the Hudson family from Derbyshire, who are Sandra and Martin, their daughter, 20-year-old Tanya, and her boyfriend, Dave. The Hudsons are all obese and between them they are carrying a staggering 17 stone of excess weight. Tanya is fed up being over-weight, and fed up with her lazy, fat family, so she has secretly nominated them all for the McKeith treatment.

Gillian surprises the Hudsons shopping in the supermarket. She criticises their trolley load of junk and breaks the news to them that she will be in charge of the foods they eat for the next eight weeks.

Tanya has kept a food diary for the family over a week, which as well as endless takeaways includes 43 chocolate bars, 24 pints of cola, 86 cups of coffee with 128 teaspoons of sugar and 50 bags of crisps.

Tanya feels constantly tired and suffers from low self-esteem. As well as being listless and depressed, she also complains of headaches and her joints ache.

Gillian introduces the family to the new foods they will be eating. Their new food table is full of colourful fresh fruits and vegetables.

Martin quits coffee and experiments with fruit and herbal teas as a replacement. Tanya and Dave switch to smoothies to satisfy their sweet cravings and Sandra and Tanya follow exercise videos in the lounge. The boys are less involved with the exercise so to help, Gillian calls an emergency session at the gym, but Dave doesn’t even turn up.

It is the same story in the kitchen. Tanya and Sandra work hard cooking for the family, but it is a struggle to get the men to help. After a long wait, however, they produce a delicious shitake mushroom risotto.

After eight weeks the family has transformed. Tanya has lost 1½ stone and is radiating with confidence and happiness. Dave has lost an incredible 2½ stone and 6 inches from his waist, Sandra has dropped 2 stone and Martin has lost 2½ stone. They are all more active and full of life. Nicest of all however, Dave says, is Tanya now greets him with a smile when he gets home.


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