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You Are What You Eat
Episode 6 - Neale Bozman (14th Feb 2006)

This week Gillian meets 5ft 6 and 18 stone Neale Bozman, a 36-year-old crime scene investigator from Liverpool.

This CSI guy’s biggest crime is against his own body and if he doesn’t change his ways soon, his next arrest could be cardiac. Neale used to be in the army and was every bit the handsome solider, but that’s all changed since he joined the force to become a CSI. His irregular working hours mean irregular meals, and when he does sit down for a meal it usually involves mountains of fatty meat and pint after pint of beer.

Pam has had enough of watching her husband neglect himself, so she has secretly grassed him up him to diet detective McKeith. Neale is twice the man he used to be, quite literally. He is no longer the hunky soldier Pam married and she wants the old Neale back.

As he leaves work, Gillian surprises Neale to reprimand him for the damage he has done to his body.

Neale after the show
Gillian’s main concern is the amount of red and processed meat in Neale’s diet. In just three months he eats enough to fill a body bag. There is a history of bowel cancer in his family and studies have shown a link between red meats and the disease. Gillian prescribes a new diet of pulses, fruits and greens with virtually no meat for the next eight weeks.

Now Neale’s eating habits are back on track it is time for ‘Major’ McKeith to put him through his paces and start training. After a gruelling workout at the park, Neale joins a local gym to banish the belly and sweat out the stress.

After just eight weeks, Neale is looking great. He has lost 2.5 stone and eight inches from his waist. He feels fitter and has more energy, like he used to have. Pam and Gillian are both delighted with his progress and really proud of him.


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