During the party season we Brits are guilty of gobbling up 10 million turkeys, 45 million pounds worth of mince pies and downing over 200 million bottles of wine!

The festive cheer stops here! It’s time for a detox, and straight-talking holistic nutritionist Gillian McKeith is the woman to show you how. Here’s Gillian’s run down on the top 12 toxic terrors to avoid to beat the post-Christmas bloat:

12 million adults in the UK smoke cigarettes - and every year an alarming 114,000 smokers die as a result of their habit. If you have a 20 a day habit you’ll be burning a £150 hole in your pocket each month. In a year that’s over eighteen hundred pounds up in smoke!

In a lifetime the average British tea and coffee fanatic will drink around 63,000 cups! A latte made with full fat milk could be the same number of calories as an average sized chocolate bar.

We consume 25 billion alcoholic drinks a year in Britain – enough to fill 6,000 Olympic size swimming pools! British men do a good line in beer bellies and it’s easy to see why: just one pint could contain the same number of calories as a sugary donut… A pint a night could tot up to a thousand calories a week or every year, up to a stone in weight! Bad for your figure, your heart and your liver.

Chocolate and sweet snacks
In the UK we devour over half a million tonnes of chocolate every year. If you chomped a standard size bar every day of the year on top of your normal daily food intake, you could gain anything up to two stone! So chocoholics be warned - it would take about 45 minutes on a bike to burn off a single bar!

Pub snacks: crisps, nuts, pork scratchings
When it comes to the crunch crisps are simply not good for you. They’re a source of transfatty acids, or bad fats, which when eaten in excess can lead to weight gain, clogging of the arteries, high blood pressure, and even type 2 diabetes. Pork scratchings are another unsaintly snack that Gillian wants you to dump, made of fatty pigskin, salt, additives and preservatives. Yuck!

Processed meat
Processed meat is often derived from bone, fat, gristle and all sorts of other nasties. On top of that hair-raising mixture your processed meat may be padded out with anything up to 30% water, plus gelatine, salt, sugar, starch, preservatives and additives. Then finally it’s put through a mincer, shaped into a meat product and eaten by you!