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Brazil nuts
Why should I be eating Brazil nuts?

Many people avoid nuts due to their fat content; however, this can leave them depleted in essential fatty acids that have been shown to have many beneficial effects. Nuts also contain important antioxidants that help protect against ageing and disease. So, you can enjoy Brazil nuts, along with other nuts, as a convenient, nutritious and tasty snack.

What are they rich in?

Brazil nuts are one of the best dietary sources of selenium. Selenium is depleted in much of our soil due to over-farming of the land. Grains would previously have been a good source but these are now, sadly, depleted in selenium, along with many other nutrients.

However, eating just three Brazil nuts a day can provide the recommended daily amount of selenium. It is best to go for organic, if possible, as they are likely to have been grown on more nutritious soils.

Selenium is vital for fertility in men and women and is also needed for thyroid function. It is an important detoxifier, remover of heavy metals and a powerful antioxidant, thus has protective effects against ageing and disease.

Like other nuts, Brazil nuts contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids. These have been shown to have great benefits for the cardiovascular system as they help to lower LDL cholesterol and raise the beneficial HDL cholesterol.

Other minerals in Brazil nuts include magnesium, zinc, iron and copper.

Who should eat Brazil nuts?

  • Anyone with high cholesterol or wishing to protect their cardiovascular health
  • Anyone suffering from degenerative disorders, such as arthritis, where antioxidants are needed to repair the body
  • Anyone wishing to support their body’s detoxification system
  • Anyone with an excess of heavy metals such as cadmium (from cigarette smoke) or mercury (from dental amalgam fillings)
  • Anyone wishing to become pregnant
  • Men with low sperm count or poor sperm motility
  • Serving suggestion and amounts

    Nuts can be eaten daily chopped up in salads, used in nut loaves, added at the end of stir-frying vegetables or just as a snack. Aim for 3 Brazil nuts a day.

    Try these Brazil nut recipes

    Date, almond and Brazil nut truffles

    Tofu Brazil nut stir fry

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