Sir Terry Wogan presents Channel 4's exciting new daytime game show, in which four contestants battle it out through three elimination rounds, leaving one survivor with a chance of winning a huge cash prize.

Wogan's Perfect Recall is a game with a twist: it's a case of same answers, different questions. The first round is all about survival, as each player needs to be first to the buzzer to answer a round of 20 general knowledge questions, filling the "answer bank" with 20 answers.

Although the viewer can see the answer bank, the contestants can't. And the stakes are high, as the player with the lowest score is eliminated.

In rounds two and three it's a test not only of general knowledge but of memory too, as the three remaining players answer brand new questions but with the same 20 answers.

The players are guided through each round by the inimitable Terry Wogan, leaving just one player with the chance to gamble for a big cash prize in the final round, by answering new questions with the same answers.

Wogan's Perfect Recall
Starts 5pm on Monday 6th July on Channel 4