Sex Traffic: John Simm
Sex Traffic: John Simm
The hidden trade

A powerful new two-part drama set in Romania, London and Canada revealing how a massive $7 billion global business trafficking young women into enforced prostitution is operating in cities throughout Europe and America.

At the heart of the drama is the plight of two young Moldovan sisters sold into sexual slavery and trafficked through Romania, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Italy to the dark side of London. The reverberations of their story take us from big business in America to corruption amongst the international peacekeepers in Europe.

John Simm stars as a researcher and investigator for a London-based charity, while Wendy Crewson plays the boss of the charity foundation of a US defence contractor, who begins to suspect her employers’ motives may not be what they seem.

For Helpline links and more information on the issues raised in Sex Traffic, visit our additional web page here

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