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1. Jesse Owens wins four Gold medals
July 1936 - Olympic Stadium, Berlin
……And wipes the smile off Hitler's face

2. Don Bradman's final test innings
14th August 1948 - The Oval
Needing just four in his final test innings to ensure a batting average for 100, The Don was bowled second ball for a duck and had to settle for an average of just the 99.94

3. Emil Zatopek wins marathon, 5,000m and 10,000m in a week
July 1952 - Helsinki
His running style looked like he was always on the point of collapse, which he probably was after winning the three toughest track events within a week

4. The Stanley Matthews Cup Final
2nd May 1953 - Wembley Stadium
Veteran winger Matthews turns the game to finally win an F.A. Cup Winners Medal

5. Roger Bannister's first sub-four minute mile
6th May 1954 - Iffley Road, Oxford
"A new meeting record which, subject to ratification, will be a new English native, British national and British all-comers', European, British Empire and world record. The time is …..three minutes…."

6. Bert Trautmann plays on in FA Cup Final with a broken neck
5th May 1956
Ex POW Trautmann didn't realise the terrible pain in his neck was because it was broken until days after the game

7. Real Madrid 7 Frankfurt 3
18th May 1960 - Glasgow
Said by many to be the greatest exhibition of football ever - the young Alex Ferguson watching in the crowd was impressed

8. Our 'Enery puts Cassius Clay on the canvas
18th June 1963, Wembley Stadium
Cooper has Clay on the deck and victory in his nostrils. Clay's corner stall for time fussing over a 'split' glove and The Greatest collects his powers to give the English hopeful a bloody beating

9. Geoff Hurst and England win the World Cup
30th July 1966 - Wembley Stadium Some people are on the pitch….. 10. Celtic win the European Cup
25th May 1967 - Lisbon
…….And become the first British side ever to win the top club trophy (with a side entirely born within a 30 mile radius of Celtic Park)

11. Don Fox's missed penalty in the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final
11th May 1968 - Wembley Stadium
After fluffing a simple conversion to win the game, Fox sinks to his knees, the final whistle blows and Eddie Waring utters the immortal words "He's missed it …the poor lad"

12. Matt Busby and Man Utd win European Cup
29th May 1968 - Wembley Stadium
10 years after the tragedy of the Munich crash, Matt Busby's European dream is finally realised

13. Gary Sobers hits six sixes in one over
31st August 1968, Swansea
Cue over-excited BBC Wales commentator : "My goodness…it's gone way down to Swansea!!!"

14. Black Power salute at the 200m Olympic medal ceremony
16th October 1968 - Mexico City
Heads bowed and black-gloved fists raised skywards, medallists Tommie Smith and John Carlos cause a furore with their protest about poverty and injustice in the US

15. Bob Beamon smashes the long jump world record
18th October 1968 - Mexico City
The enormous leap in the thin air of Mexico which decimated the world record and remained unbroken for 23 years

16. Tony Jacklin wins the Open
12th July 1969 - Royal Lytham
And becomes the first Briton to do so for 18 years

17. George Best scores six goals in one game for Manchester United
7th February 1970 - The County Ground, Northampton
The reason it all looks so easy is that for Best at his peak, it was easy

18. Gordon Banks' save against Pele
7th June 1970
'Pele...what a save!' - Banks somehow scoops Pele's bullet header upwards from ankle level and over the crossbar.

19. Brazil's fourth goal in the World Cup Final
21st June 1970 - Azteca Stadium, Mexico City
The best football team the world has ever seen playing at their best

20. Ronnie Radford's F.A. Cup thunderbolt for Hereford against Newcastle
5th February 1972 - Edgar Street, Hereford
Cue dozens of delirious youths clad in snorkel parkas dancing with delight on a mud patch pitch in an incident described as "the most 70s moment of all time"

21. Mark Spitz wins 7 Olympic golds
August/September 1972
Spurred on by not doing himself justice in the 1968 games, Spitz put the record straight with seven golds and world records in every event he swam

22. Olga Korbut captivates the world
September 1972 - Munich
Turning precision back-flips and nifty footwork with a tinny piano accompaniment into solid gold

23. Mary Peters wins Olympic Pentathlon Gold
2nd & 3rd September 1972
The Belfast athlete wins Olympic gold at her third attempt by one tenth of a second in the final event