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Saturdays 12 and 19 January at 9.00pm
It's a show of two halves.

Sport at its best is miles better than real life.

Your vote counted! Don't miss the two storming shows built on the results when a lifetime's worth of top sporting moments will be replayed before your eyes. Think about it…….

The boyish hero wheels away from the goal as the opposing defenders sink to their knees in disbelief.

Three stumps cartwheel behind the baffled batsman and the Ashes are won.

The champion defies age and the odds to regain his Heavyweight Crown.

The greatest sporting moments capture the imagination of the nation. They bind us together with a shared memory of grace under pressure and dramatic last minute upsets, leaving behind images that will never fade. Memories of genuine glory - moments of modern mythology for an age without enough heroes.

And now with 100 Greatest Sporting Moments, Channel 4 is showing two major programmes made with the results of the vote held in September 2001.

Would it be:

The Perfect Ten or Nine Wimbledon Titles
The Eight Metres Ninety Leap or Seven Golds in one Olympics
Mandela's Number Six Shirt or Five Goals in the Cup Final
Four Men in a Boat or Three Grand National Victories
Two Skaters in Perfect Harmony or One Muhammad Ali.
The 100 Greatest Sporting Moments count down from 100 to 1 the achievements on the track, pitch, court and course that have meant the most to you.

So what was your number one and where is it placed?
Is it the greatest triumph of a British sporting hero?
Wade at Wimbledon or Owen against Argentina.
Botham's Ashes or Redgrave's Golds.

Or perhaps your favourite moment stems from an overseas star.
Has your ultimate sporting performance been achieved by Pele or Korbut, Lara or Lomu?
Men and women from across the globe who've shown us how it's done.

The vote is now closed but The 100 Greatest Sporting Moments is showing this weekend. Results appear on the site in two stages - the first half after the show on Saturday 12, and the full run-down after the show on Saturday 19.

It's time for a cool head and a steady nerve...

Many thanks to those that voted.