Documentaries - 3 Minute Wonders

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As part of Generation Next, 3 Minute Wonders will be showcasing 15 new presenting voices.

The season - called Bright New Wonders - will see the presenters working on the documentaries, which are from budding new directors who haven't yet had the opportunity to make a film for broadcast TV.

The new voices in the Generation Next season are:

  • Seyi Rhodes (Writer and director)
  • Dean Atta (Musician)
  • Anealla Safdar (Journalist)
  • Lindsay Johns
  • Sathnam Sanghera (Journalist)
  • Ava Vidal (Comedian)
  • Matt Blaize (Comedian)
  • Henry Lloyd Hughes (Actor)
  • Ben Way (Young Entrepreneur)
  • Chantelle Fiddy (Music Journalist)
  • Tom Basden (Comedian)
  • Namalee Bolle (Editor in Chief, Super Super, Fashion muse and singer)
  • Sheridan 'shed' Simove (Author)
  • Rob Petit (Filmmaker)
  • Iphgenia Baal (Writer)

To get more info, visit the 3 Minute Wonders site.