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The sky is the limit with MAGIX music maker turning the PlayStation*2 into the ultimate music-making machine! MAGIX music maker has got everything you need to produce your own songs, music and videos using 16 audio tracks and two video tracks. Choose from the wide range of musical styles and an array of computer generated animations (which pulsate in time to the music), video clips and effects to create the ultimate in music and video. What are you waiting for get playing! Bust out the phatest tunes and mix some funk into your music. Truly creative for the inspired mind MAGIX music maker for PlayStation*2 is priced at 39.99 and offers the ultimate in home entertainment.

With the launch of MAGIX music maker 7 there are no more excuses - get creating! The aim and the intention of MAGIX is to further bridge the gap between the professionals and the 'wanna be's'. Available as classic or as an enhanced deluxe version it is priced 29.99 and 59.99 respectively.

At last the key to the gateway of the Hall of Musical Fame is available to the masses! MAGIX, now gives you access to an arsenal of musical samples and top grade musical technology, including a raft of special effects and much more without the need to fork out for extortionate studio time!

Just answer the following question to win 1 of the 3 copies of MAGIX deluxe that we're giving away.

What is the name of George Michael's latest chart single?

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