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Day 26

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Those Funny Bits

Shilpa as Aunt Jamilah
Monday 05 February
Day 34, 11:40

Make 'em laugh...

The House certainly saw its share of laughs - from falling flat on their face to fits of flatulance. Relive the funniest funny bits...

Top Trumps
Jackiey couldn't keep the windy pops to herself. So she shared them with the rest of the House - which didn't go unnoticed...
Video: Top Trumps >>

Loony Limericks
There once was a House of celebs...
Video: Loony Limericks >>

Human Skittles
One towel. One table. Lots of silly celebrities.
Video: Human Skittles >>

Going For A Thong
Jack roadtests a homemade thong...
Video: Going For A Thong >>

The Comedy Snub
The celebrity housemates try their best to make Big Brother laugh. Some of them succeed. Some of them fail...
Video: The Comedy Snub >>

Make Em Laugh
After a hard afternoon of tickling Big Brother's funny bone, the housemates were left cringing when they relived some of their hilarious performances...
Video: Make Em Laugh >>

The BB Team
The housemates were on a mission. And Dirk eyes were firmly on the fish.
Video: The BB Team >>

Ice, Ice, Baby
Jack and Ian discovered that it's hard to break ice with their fists. Undeterred, they found something harder. Boys will be boys...
Video: Ice, Ice, Baby >>

Big Brother Says
Big Brother says: "Watch the housemates make fools of themselves."
Video: Big Brother Says >>

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