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Big Brother
Day 26

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Top Shocks

Jackiey looking shocked
Friday 02 February
Day 31, 12:00

There were plenty of surprises up Big Brother's sleeve...

Big Brother is always full of twists and surprises. Even celebrities aren't safe!

Watch some of the top shocks...

The Goodys Arrive
After the House had been split in two, Jade, Jack and Jackiey entered as Masters of the House.
Video: The Goodys arrive >>

Donny Escapes
Donny wasn't too keen on a life of servitude, and hopped it over the garden fence, with a leg up from Ian. Rock n' Roll!
Video: Donny Escapes >>

Meet the Grandparents
Three Goodys not enough? Big Brother crammed in two more, in the shape of Jade's grandma and grandpa. And the servants had to serve them a top notch dinner too.
Video: Meet the Grandparents >>

Jackiey's Shock Eviction
The housemates were up for eviction, but didn't know it. So imagine their surprise when Jackiey was called to the Diary Room...
Video: Jackiey's Shock Eviction >>

Carole and Cleo Get Punished
It's a fundamental rule of Big Brother - don't break the rules! And if you break the rules, you get punished...
Video: Carole and Cleo Get Punished >>

Rather than share his whiskey, Dirk dramatically pours it away. Temper temper...
Video: Whiskeygate >>

Leo Breaks Out
With underwear supplies at an all-time low, Leo just had to break out. And he did it with a rant to end all rants...
Video: Leo Breaks Out >>

Stock Cube Fight
Who would have thought that a humble stock cube would cause division in the House?
Video: Stock Cube Fight >>

Jade's Eviction
No crowd on an eviction night? The housemates guessed something was up...
Video: Jade's Eviction >>

Jack Feels Like Dancing
After weeks of near mute status, Jack revealed to Big Brother that he rather enjoyed the dancing task after all.
Video: Jack Feels Like Dancing >>

Shilpa Wins!
Scream? Check. Mouth open? Check. Tears? Check. Shilpa was in full-scale shock at winning Celebrity Big Brother.
Video: Shilpa Wins! >>

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