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Day 26

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Housemates - You Have Been Evicted

Donny jumps over the Servants' Quarters wall
Tuesday 30 January
Day 28, 12:00

Watch the moments when the celebrities left the House...

Fourteen celebrities entered and ultimately left the Big Brother House. They went through the front door, the back door, through the garden gate and over the wall! Watch their final moments from the House...


Rocker Donny didn't fancy the idea of being a servant, so hopped it over the Servants' Quarters wall. And we thought he was made of stronger stuff...

Video: Donny escapes over the wall >>


Ken decided the House wasn't for him, after a series of rows with the Goody family...

Video: Ken's final argument >>


In a shock twist, Jackiey was brought to the Diary Room and evicted. And she couldn't say goodbye...

Video: Jackiey is evicted >>


With only a few hours before the first eviction, Leo just couldn't live in the House any longer without clean pants. So he broke out through the fire escape in the garden.

Video: Leo escapes through the garden gate >>


After the housemates nominated Carole (for breaking rules), she lost to Dirk and became the first evictee of the Big Brother House. Which is a shame because if Leo had stuck around it could have been him...

Video: Carole's top moments >>


Having patched up their differences, Jade and Shilpa went head-to-head in one of the most talked about evictions in Big Brother history. Jade was evicted - but where was the crowd?

Video: Jade is evicted >>

Jo and Cleo

In a shock double eviction, Jo and Cleo became the seventh and eighth housemates to leave the Big Brother House. But at least they went together! Aww...

Video: Jo and Cleo are evicted >>

Jack and Danielle

They made it to the final, but it wasn't enough. Jack and Danielle left the House together. And then there were four...

Video: Danielle and Jack are evicted >>


The ex-Stepper couldn't contain his excitement at coming fourth. But Ian could never contain his excitement!

Video: Ian is evicted >>


In third place, Dirk was close, but no cigar. Well, actually, he did have a cigar. And he chomped on it as he left the House.

Video: Dirk is evicted >>


Falling at the final hurdle, gracious Jermaine came second. But there could only be one winner...

Video: Jermaine is evicted >>


Relive Shilpa's final moments, before she leaves the House to meet the crowd as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007!

Video: Shilpa is the winner! >>

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