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Big Brother
Day 26

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Week Four Round-Up

Housemates performing in Showgirls Task
Monday 29 January
Day 26, 12:00

It was the housemates' final week - and what a time they had!

It all started so well. Big Brother decided the housemates needed some light relief after the belter that was Week Three. Big Brother became Chuckle Brother, complete with comedy wigs and everything!

On Day 20 the housemates scratched their collective heads and turned detective over some toilet roll in Loo-gate. They all soon cheered up again though when it was Showtime.

After bumping and grinding their way to success, they quickly learnt just how little the housemates knew each other.

It was a frosty start to Day 22 as Shilpa became overexcited about some snowfall, much to the bemusement of Cleo. But when Nominations news was broken, there were tears before bedtime.

On Day 23 the Face led The BB-Team to a legendary fishy victory, toasting the success with some Dirky Dancing.

Double Trouble soon followed the next day as two housemates were evicted. Day 25 saw the housemates embark on some role-playing activities about their time in the House, thanks to the - Big Brother: The Movie task

Then came the final countdown, as the six remaining housemates discovered their fate at the hands of the voting housemates. The public voted in their droves and crowned an ecstatic Shilpa the winner.

The smooth operator Jermaine followed hot on her heels - after Dirk and Ian were given the Big Brother boot.

But the night was all about sensational Shilpa, who reigned supreme after a rollercoaster - journey in the House. Phew, that's in then. What an amazing few weeks!

Just think, it could be you meeting Davina next time - fancy applying for Big Brother 2007? Go on, you know you want to...

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