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Day 26

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Jermaine Takes Silver!

Jermaine leaves in 2nd place
Sunday 28 January
Day 26, 21:21

The wise man of the House leaves in 2nd place...

He entered the House first, but Jermaine wasn't quite the last to leave as you voted him Celebrity Big Brother 5 runner-up with 37% of the vote.

He nobley accepted the news of Shilpa's victory, hugging and congratulating her. Miraculously, his ear drums were still intact after Shilpa's piercing scream.

On his way out he blew her a kiss and offered some final words of wisdom. "Kindness is a strength," he said before donning his legendary shades for his journey to the outside.

Jermaine was the first Celebrity to set foot in the Big Brother House, apprehensively pushing open the door and pulling a couple of peace signs to an empty room. The softly spoken vegan has been a calming force within the House, but his patience was tested with the arrival of Jackiey, Jade and Jack.

The eldest Jackson brother was not used to certain behaviour and Jackiey's bum grumbling was one of his pet hates.

"She did it three times in one night, then again the next morning and just now in the kitchen," complained Jermaine on Day 5. "This flatulation is killing me. I can't deal with this passing of the gas."

He showed he'd still got it, in the Battle of the Bands task on Day 11. He led the Jackson 5 tribute band with style, despite some disturbing noises coming from his fellow band members and a distinct lack of rhythm all round. "We look like The Temptations," he remarked.

Just as Jermaine was starting to relax, he was faced with another problem - tension in the House caused by that argument between Shilpa and Jade.

"The other girls were laughing. They are being controlled by Jade; it's ignorance," he said disapprovingly. He continued to support Shilpa when he felt she was being treated unfairly, "you can't reason with stupidity," he advised sagely.

In fact, he became known for his wise words. "Look at the song 'Man in The Mirror', he said of Jade, Danielle and Jo. "They need to look in the mirror before they can make that change."

And his famous speech to the housemates on day 17: "When I'm gone, I'm going to miss everyone, because my love is real. I'm one way; I just wanted to say that"

You're one way all right Jermaine, and that way is the highway. You've been a great housemate, dot gammit!

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