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Day 26

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Ian and Dirk Are Out!

Ian and Dirk are shown the door
Sunday 28 January
Day 26, 21:06

Dirk takes bronze while Ian misses out on the top three...

Ian and Dirk have rejoined the outside world after Davina gave them their marching orders, finishing fourth and third respectively.

The popstar was first to be ousted with 5.3% of the public voted to win. Still, his reaction was one for joy as he cheered the news and announced he's "so excited!" to see his old mates again.

He gushed over Shilpa, wishing her good luck before heading to the door and waves of cheers. Yes, actual cheers! Remember them?

Shortly after, The Dirkster, who regularly declared his desire to be evicted, reaped 16% of the vote. "Awww, you poor kids," he joked to the remaining two, before giving his Shilpa a lingering farewell hug.

"I need to think of my funny, witty things to say!" he said on his way out.

Like Ian, he received a rapturous response, regally saluting the public as they chanted the A-Team theme. This leaves close buddies Jermaine and Shilpa vying to win Celebrity Big Brother.

The A-Team's Faceman will now step back into his blacked-out truck, light up one of his oversized cigars and head for the hills (of Montana, to be precise).

'Changeable' might be the word best used to sum up Dirk's personality in the House. He caused his fair share of trouble, first by pouring a mini bottle of whiskey in the bin in front of his alcohol-rationed housemates. And then for refusing to cook his own squash after a squabble about oven space on Day 12.

But it wasn't all bad; in fact, all it took was for Ian to mention the word 'artichoke' and Dirk's face lit up. Dirk was also at his best whenever music was played. For a more mature guy, he certainly had the moves, particularly when a certain Bollywood beauty was around.

But it was back to No More Mr Nice Guy towards the end of his stay, when Dirk taunted the girls about not showering for days on end, and rejected Cleo/Tiara when she was offering herself on a platter.

As for Ian, it was a case of not so much 'H' for 'hyper' as 'N' for 'nice', although he was never too far away from the centre of the celebrity House action. Ian was quick to make an impression on Day 2 with his mix of conspiracy theories and naughty MILF talk.

By the end of week one Ian had settled in a treat, and as soon as the Masters and Servants task was over he bonded with Jackiey and a beautiful friendship was born. Alas, her stay was a short one. Once she'd gone, Ian had to resort to a sock (of all things!) for a substitute friend.

Ian had a tough time musically whilst in the House, losing out to the mighty Jermaine in the Battle of the Bands despite reforming Steps with a new line up!

It was a case of one for sorrow when Ian was nominated in the final week, but the cheery chap perked up in time to enjoy the housemates' last supper - and booby-trap Danielle's bed.

Ian - we'll miss those morning bench presses! And so long Face - you were ace! Cheers lads!

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