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Day 26

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Jack and Danielle are Evicted

Danielle and Jack leave
Sunday 28 January
Day 26, 20:26

The pair leave the House together in 6th and 5th place...

Danielle and Jack are the first housemates to be given the boot, finishing in 5th and 6th places respectively.

Jade's boyfriend, who polled just 3.15% of the public vote, was his usual laid back self, giving a wry smile.

The glamour model meanwhile, who managed a few more votes with 3.3%, was stunned and instantly raised a hand to her mouth. There was no time for tears though as it was straight out of the House for them both.

They emerged to a less than ecstatic response from the crowd. Dirk speculated that the public were merely disappointed that they were leaving so soon...

And what of their time in the House? Danielle burped, flashed and flatulated her way through 26 days, but now her nomination-free reign has come to an end.

In the first week it all seemed a bit much for Danielle. Leo and servant life, Leo being a mime artist, Leo being...well, Leo! But she soon got into the swing of things, thanks to Cleo, Jo, a generous helping of champagne and some girlie eyeliner tattoos.

By week two it was designer handbags at dawn. On Day 10 after 'mummy' Carole's eviction, Danielle teamed up with Jade to rage against Shilpa. And again on Day 14 when, with Jo, Danielle proved a captive audience for the stock cube drama.

Then Jade got the boot and right on cue Danielle apologised to Shilpa not once, but twice, on Days 15 and 16.

Danielle did have her lighter moments too, donning a wig and having a go at being Tiara's younger sister, and shrieking loudly enough to wake the dead over a game of table football on Day 18.

As for Jack, he was a housemate of few words. Hardly surprising as he's Jade's other half - or maybe he's just the strong, silent type.

There's no denying Jack, his celeb girlfriend and her mother Jackiey gave the House a jump-start as 'the Family' caused immediate friction.

On Day 7 he made a fine art out of stacking cushions and then having an all-out pillow fight; on Day 15 he pondered the frozen egg mystery, before showing a talent for making a thong out of a pair of tights and then modelling them around the House on Day 16. Umm... nice.

We should also give an honourable mention to the eight minutes that Jack spent in the loo with Jade during the small hours of Day 17... ahem.

Jack will perhaps be best remembered for the caterwauling that was his singing debut, when he was part of the Steps tribute band.

Whatever their merits, they lasted the course and gave us plenty to laugh about.

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