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Big Brother
Day 26

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Interview: Friends and Family

Jermaine Jackson's wife, Haleema.
Sunday 28 January
Day 26, 14:43

Yes, we're chatting to housemate friends and family..

First up, we spoke to Jermaine's wife, Haleema Rasheed, about why viewers should vote for Jermaine to win: "Because how you see him on BB is how he really is - very calm, nice, collected, and I think he deserves to win."

Was there any point at which he might have joined Ken, Donny and Leo in the walk of shame? "I thought that if he would do that it would be way in the beginning, and if he didn't do it like the first week then he would stay."

And is the rest of the family watching the show? "Yes of course they are - all of them! Tito was actually here supporting him on BBLB. Janet's also been watching and I'm sure Michael has too!"

Next up we spoke to Shilpa's friend Raj Dante. He says: "I've known Shilpa for six, seven years and she is fantastic. Shilpa's an A-list Bollywood star, on a par with someone like Nicole Kidman, and she is intelligent, comes from a very good background ands held her own in the House. What you see with Shilpa is what you get. She is a true star who has millions of people that love her. She is all beauty, glamour and grace on the outside, but made of steel garters inside!" Raj ends his pitch by adding: "Everyone out there should vote for Shilpa because she is glamtastic and Bollytastic, and she has held her own in the House with dignity."

What does Jack's sister Laura have to say? "I think Jack should win because he has been himself the whole way through. He has been kind to everyone and he has really got stuck into all the tasks and enjoyed himself. I'd like him to win because he's not a celebrity and it's quite a big thing for him to go in there."

Ian's friend Craig is rooting for his chum: "He has very much been himself. I want Ian to win because he has gone in there with no game plan and has been himself and I think he has brought a really good vibe to the House. If he won BB he would be very, very pleased. I don't think he went in for the winning, but more for the experience."

Dirk's son George is next up to canvas for votes: "I think people should vote for Dirk Benedict because I think he has been entertaining. I don't know what he would do if he won."

Danielle's friend Leeandra reckons: "Danielle has done really well despite the controversial issues that have gone on and I think she has done really, really well. She has seen when she went wrong in the House and has apologised for it, so all in all she has done brilliantly. I think that people should pick up the phone or text for Danielle because she is genuine, down to earth and although she is very naive, she has not ever not been herself."

Thanks, friends and family!

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