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Day 26

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Interview: Emma Griffiths

Emma Griffiths
Saturday 27 January
Day 25, 18:56

The Queen of MTV speaks to BBBM...

So, has Emma been hooked on CBB like everybody else? "I have been hooked. It was really good as I was away for a week before it started so I hadn't seen any newspapers, I didn't know who was going in, so the first time I knew who was going to be on it was when I watched it and they all went in! So it was really exciting for me."

Was she surprised to see Donny go in? "Yeah, I was really surprised and a bit like 'what are you doing, stop being a d***!'. I wish he'd stayed actually, because I think he could have added something extra to the House as well."

What does she make of three celebs walking? "I think it was really disappointing actually that three of them left because they were three big characters. Even though Leo was annoying. He was still good to watch and that is someone you want in a programme, someone that will wind you up and keep you [interested]. I think Leo's was the most ridiculous - over pants! I think Donny's was probably the best."

Favourite moment so far? "I saw them when they tried to make BB laugh and I thought that Ian was the best by far, out of all of them and he got a laugh. I was really pleased about that. I was actually chuckling so..."

What do you think of the remaining housemates? "Jermaine seems like a very nice man and I got exactly what I thought I would get from him as a housemate. Danielle does my head in, proper! As for Jack, I'm still waiting to see if the boy has a personality. I think when he is with Jade he says less. I think he has probably said five more words a day now that Jade is out."

"I love Dirk because I loved The A-Team, but he seems to be annoyed by everything and quite selfish. I expected this fabulous Hollywood icon that would just be really nice. And he does seem very nice - he is very nice to Shilpa cause he wants to - ahem!"

And what about the man formerly known as 'H'? "Ian I am really, really happy about because he is kind of the opposite to Jo. He used to annoy me so much but I think he has really changed the public perception of himself and he seems like a lovely guy who is grounded and has a really even opinion on things. I think he is an all-round nice guy."

And who would she like as a co-presenter? "Shilpa seems quite nice so maybe her, I think we could have quite a giggle."

And as our Celebrity Big Brother winner? "Ian. Ian to win."

Thanks for stopping by, Emma!

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