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Interview: Richard Herring

Richard Herring loves the camera
Saturday 27 January
Day 25, 17:17

Comedian Richard Herring reveals his thoughts about the housemates..

We asked rib-tickler Richard what he thinks people love about BB: "BB is entertaining because you get to see people at their best and their worst, so it's kind of like snooping.. So I think people like to imagine that they are better people then those on TV, though if we were all trapped in a House we would behave just as badly."

Is there anyone who walked out that he would have liked to have seen more of? "Nearly everyone. All the boys who left early, I would have liked to have seen Donnie stay longer and I would have loved to have seen more of Ken Russell."

Favourite moment so far? "I think Leo Sayer walking out and calling those big bouncers very rude words was a great moment and him trying to flick the v's to the camera and put his thumb up instead, I think that was quite nice! He was trying to be the bad boy but couldn't control the nice man inside him."

One of the tasks showed the housemates trying to make BB laugh; how would Richard make BB laugh? "As a comedian the worst thing that can happen is someone asking you to make them laugh. So I would have tried to be very, very boring and see if I could wear BB down that way. But I think I would not have put on wigs and tried to do funny characters.."

Like Cleo, you mean? "Yes, I think it's a bit desperate. It's a very difficult balance because if you look like you are trying to sing a song or do a character to get work, you just look like an idiot and so the only way to really get through it is by hiding away and being yourself which - if you're a nice person - is all right. Tiara seems to have gone down quite badly. I think I might not have been quite as dismissive as Dirk..."

Who would he like to see in the final line up? "I would like Shilpa to come third, Jermaine second and Dirk first. I like Dirk because I think he wants to leave and I'd like him to stay in there. He is the only one with any self-awareness and he is being honest.. I don't think he is playing any kind of game and I have found him very funny. I think if I was stuck in there that is how I would feel and I suppose that is why I'd like him to win."

Thanks Richard!

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