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Big Brother
Day 26

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Made For TV

Ian reads the latest task laminate to the housemates
Saturday 27 January
Day 25, 15:46

It's task time in the House.

Today the celebs have to write, star and direct their own minimal budget straight-to-TV movie.

Between them they have to star in four TV movies that portray their most memorable moments in each week from the Big Brother House.

These must be themed in the followed genres: romantic comedy, film noir, action blockbuster and Bollywood musical.

ALL housemates, past and present, must be portrayed by the six remaining housemates, but they can't play themselves.

The final performance of each TV movie must take place on the stage in the Living Area outside the Bedroom, last for ten minutes and be played in chronological order.

If housemates complete the task they'll earn, not a Bafta, but a slap-up three-course dinner.

Lights, camera, action..

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