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Day 26

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Questions, Questions

Danielle grabs a Big Brother fax
Saturday 27 January
Day 25, 12:23

The housemates answer your posers.

So what have you lot asked?

Perry from Braintree: "Shilpa, as a celeb, what prompted you to do this and how has it affected you?"

"Oh please," complained Dirk. But Shilpa explained she wanted to be a trendsetter for Bollywood stars to come and do Big Brother in the UK.

"And how has it affected me? I'm brain dead. I think it's given me the opportunity to understand myself. And that it doesn't matter what country you're from, we're all human and all share the same emotions," she said.

"Really?" asked Jermaine, surprised.

Claire from Wales: "Jack, do you not talk so much because you're used to Jade doing all the talking?"

"I'm a listener not a talker," he said. "And she does do most of the talking. Not for me, just more talking. It's hard to get a word in."

"You've become more chatty since she's gone," said Ian.

Narisa J: "Jermaine, do you think being in the Big Brother House is helping you overcome your shyness and why are you shy in the first place? "

"Well my whole family is shy, except when we're on stage," began Jermaine. "Being in the BB house has helped me overcome certain things. I've learnt I have more patience. I also learnt I'll need a lobotomy. Why am I shy? That's just the way it is."

From B-Sharp: "Ian if the opportunity arose, would you be prepared to reform Steps?"

"I've always said no before. But being in here has made me think about things and I would do it again. I've had such a good time and being here gives you such time to think," he answered

"We've already done it here," added Jack, remembering the task.

"We've got a tribute band in here already," said Ian.

Phil: "Dirk, did you keep the outfit from Battlestar Galactica?"

Dirk looked pleased with his question. "This is shallow and vapid and something I can handle. I was expecting something deep," he said. "This is a guy who understands me. Bless you for asking. I didn't keep the outfit or helmet. All I kept was the memories. I left it all there. The black leather outfit was unbelievable."

"Did you keep anything from the A-team?" asked Ian.

"Yeah I kept thongs. Load of 'em. I had 'em hanging up like a curtain," replied Dirk. Funny, we don't remember any twangs coming together.

After a long pause that had Danielle hopping on the spot, the final fax, sorry facts, arrived.

Craig: "Danielle, which evictee would you want back?"

"Everyone," she replied from her position on the fence. "I couldn't choose one person. I'd have all of them back. Even Ken and Donny and Leo if it was possible. I liked everybody."

"Awww," said Ian.

"There's something wrong with you. You can't like everybody," said Dirk, on the wind-up as usual.

"What about if I don't like you?" offered Danielle.

"You just made us all look bad," he joked, pretending to storm out.

Surely the housemates have been doing that perfectly well on their own...

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