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Day 26

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Interview: Dermot O'Leary

Thumbs up from Dermot
Friday 26 January
Day 24, 17:56

A day in the life of Dermy - plus his views on this year's CBB...

We have what everyone's been waiting for. No not jeans signed by the Jackson family, the latest news and gossip from our very own dashing Dermot.

Big Brother has been going for quite a few years now, what do you think keeps it fresh?

Well, both the variety of people we get in there and also I think people trust the format now - they still don't know what they're going to be getting!

Do you ever watch re-runs of your show or the streaming?

I don't watch my own show...I hate watching myself on television. But I always watch the main show and Big Brother's Big Mouth, and I watch the streaming all the time.

Are you and Russell quite competitive?

On the hair stakes, definitely, I'm trying to catch up with him. Otherwise, not really.

What's a typical day is like for you during Celebrity Big Brother?

Say if we go on air at 19:30, I'd get in at about 13:30, and I'll sit down with the day team and go through what we planned the night before and what's changed and who we've booked. Then I read the papers and clippings and the web team stuff - that's how I keep up to date. Then I watch that night's show and then get my script, have a running order meeting. Do the block, which is like your rehearsal before your rehearsal, then rehearsal, and then you go live at 19:30. And after that we go and plan the next day's show.

You have guests try and play the BB theme tune on Sundays. Do you have a favourite?

Well, G4 were very good. They can obviously sing but they don't take themselves too seriously.

What did you think of Syd Little's attempt?

I think he got the theme tune from 'This Morning' in rehearsals. Seriously!

Who do you think has been the most surprising of all the housemates this year?

(laughs) Jade! Jade, Jo and Danielle have surprised me in that I don't think anyone saw that coming and Jermaine surprised me. I expected him to be a little bit more 'out there'. He has been so relaxed and he just seems like a completely warm personality.

What about Dirk?

I love Dirk. He isn't what I expected because he's kind of a curmudgeonly old man, which I guess you should have expected, but I have a real soft spot for him.

Do you think Dirk might finally win over Shilpa with his flirting?

Good god no! I just think we are so happy [when there's no arguing] that we've all just gone ' ooh, it looks like they may be flirting'. Of course they're not at all.

What has been your favorite task this year?

I liked the Showgirls task because it was the first task after the messy period and everyone seemed to be having fun again. And our show on Wednesday was probably the best show we've done because we started having fun again.

Do you think the right people were up for eviction?

I think Danielle should've probably been up. Other than that, yeah. I'm quite happy because that means Jack gets through to the final four, which means I don't have to interview him? (Laughs)

What would you have asked Jack?

I don't know!

How would you have coped with Cleo's 'Tiara' character?

Badly, probably very much like Dirk.

Would you ever consider going into the Big Brother House?

Absolutely not! I know what I'm like to live with and I don't need that to be broadcast.

Who has been your favourite BBLB guest this series?

Julia Bradbury was brilliant because we did a watchdog item with her yesterday and she has really got it. Dom Joly was pretty good too.

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