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Day 26

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Interview: Rusty Lee

Rusty Lee
Wednesday 24 January
Day 22, 23:00

She's bold. She's brassy. She's on the couch with us...

What do you think has been most exciting about this series?

It has been phenomenal. It has hooked me completely. I was at a Kylie concert and I kept on ringing to see who had been voted out. Can you imagine in the middle of a concert ringing up going, 'Is she out? Is she out?'

Were you hooked before all the controversy?

It's the first year I started to watch it all from the beginning and it was because Jermaine was in there and Dirk and I thought, oh Mr T and all that sort of thing.

How did you feel about the three walk-outs?

You know when Donnie climbed over the fence I was so disappointed. I thought he would be great in the House.

How do you think the remaining housemates would cope in a busy kitchen?

I think they would cope very well actually because, look, they did a dance which they had to work out and perform and they did extremely well and they won their food.

If you were head chef and they were your assistants what jobs would you give them?

Jermaine - He is vegetarian isn't he? I would have to get him to cook the meat.

Danielle - I would get her to clean the toilets.

Jack - Do all the washing up and really clear up after everybody.

Cleo - Would be front of house entertaining my customers because she is so lovely.

Dirk - Erm, I would let him go upstairs and sleep.

Shilpa - I would let her be front of house so that people could see her alongside Cleo.

Jo - I wouldn't have Jo at all!

Ian - He could help to do the vegetables.

Who do you hope gets evicted next?

I think Dirk definitely should go, he wants to go. Jo and Dirk. Let Jo and Dirk go.

Would you ever consider going into the CBB house?

I might do you know...

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