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Day 26

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Interview: Junior Simpson

Junior Simpson
Wednesday 24 January
Day 22, 09:21

We talk laughter with Junior Simpson...

Straight back from his holiday in the Caribbean to the BB studios. We grabbed a quick chat with stand-up comedian and BB addict Junior Simpson, to find out what he thinks of this year's Celebrity show and how would he have made BB laugh?

Why do you think so many people love Big Brother?

My relationship with BB goes back a few years; it's part of my life. The thing about it is, I always promise myself I am not going to get involved, i'm not going to get sucked in, but as usual it's kind of got me hook, line and sinker. I was away in the Caribbean for 11 days and I only got back a few days ago. But even whilst I was there I was checking online what was happening!

Last night showed the housemates trying to make BB laugh, did any of them make you laugh?

As a stand-up comedian myself I am so glad that my job is safe. I have to confess I did laugh at Ian, I thought Ian was kind of cringey. I felt sorry for Danielle because I knew where she was going - and it was nowhere. But I have to say that I did cry with laughter when I was watching Jermaine Jackson, not with the toilet plunger in his ear, but when he was sat there with the two maracas just shaking them - hilarious!

How would you make BB laugh?

I would of told them a joke that my dad told me: a guy is in a nightclub dancing with a woman and she turns to him and says "I am only here for a weekend" and he says, "well I am dancing as fast as I can." That is one of my favourite jokes, or: a man walks into a bar with a steering wheel sticking out of his trousers, the barman says "excuse me mate, you have a steering wheel sticking out of your trousers." He says "I know, it's been driving me nuts all day."

Would you let any of them be a warm-up act for you?

Probably Cleo, but not on stage if you know what I mean. I think you know, Cleo, for a woman of her age is still kind of smoking. Umm, and I think probably Dirk. I would get Dirk to do my warm-up because I know after that I would have no chance of being unsuccessful on stage.

Who do you hope gets evicted next?

I would like to see Danielle and Jo go because I feel like they are still part of that 'bitches of Eastwick' kind of thing. Ian is a non-entity to me, he kind of sides with everybody and also Jack. Can you get rid of 4 people in one hit? I am really surprised Jack is still in there now Jade has gone.

He doesn't seem to mention Jade a lot or miss her?

Maybe he doesn't know that she is gone. Maybe he just thinks she is spending a lot of time in the toilet. Jack ain't the sharpest is he?

Who do you hope wins and why?

This is a difficult one but I hope Jermaine, I like Jermaine.

Thanks Junior. We're sure we'll see you again soon.

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